Hristo Botev Stadium

By Football Tripper

Last Updated: July 11, 2015

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main entrance of plovdiv hristo botev

Stadium Overview

Team: Botev

Address: Plovdiv

Capacity: 18,000

Opened: 1961

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PFC Botev Plovdiv

Hristo Botev Stadium first opened in 1961 with a capacity of 18,000, and is the home ground of PFC Botev Plovdiv who regularly play in the Bulgarian A-league.

Stadium Guide


The inaugural match at Hristo Botev Stadium was held on 14th May 1961 as a friendly between Botev Plovdiv, and famous Romanian side Steaua Bucharest. Originally capable of accommodating up to 35,000 supporters, the stadium was designed by architect Anton Karavelov and took just under two years to build after construction began on 21st July 1959.

Located on a plot of land which was previously owned by the Catholic College of Saint Augustine, the stadium was originally known as The College which is a nickname that is still commonly used by fans today.

The most recent renovations at the stadium occured during the Summer of 2008 when The Central Stand was modernised, and the old changing room facilities were refurbished. There are currently plans to renovate the rest of the stadium at the end of the 2015 season as per the Bulgarian Football Union’s requirements.

To date the highest profile match held at the stadium is arguably the 2000 Bulgarian Cup Final which was held between Levski Sofia and Naftex Burgas.


Hristo Botev Stadium is comprised of four stands: North, East, South and West.


Click the thumbnails above to enlarge an image of each stand and to read a more detailed description of each part of the stadium.

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By Football Tripper

Last Updated: July 11, 2015


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