A Guide to the World Cup 2026 Canadian Cities

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Last Updated: January 5, 2021

Montreal during the autumn


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The 2026 World Cup Finals were awarded to not just one country, but three. Canada, the USA and Mexico will play hosts to the world in a tournament which continues an increase in the number of teams participating in the finals – 48 to be exact.

The event is global, anticipated and marked in all soccer fans’ calendars. Many of them will want to travel to the host countries and take in the atmosphere and watch the games live. So first of all, where do they need to buy their plane tickets to?

Who Gets What?

With the tournament being hosted across three countries, not everyone is getting an equal share of the occasion. Sixty of a total 80 matches will kick off in the USA and the quarter and semi-finals, as well as the final, will take place on US turf.

In Canada, three cities will certainly have their say in the competition, those being Montreal, Toronto and Edmonton. Here you can find out why soccer fans should choose these Canadian cities as their destination, despite the lack of crunch games…

#1 Montreal

Montreal will be worth a visit for any soccer fans wanting to mix the party atmosphere with some culture. The city is a collage of modern, gothic and characterful French colonial neighbourhoods all merged together to create a unique city. When the action hasn’t got you on the edge of your seat, you can always stay entertained in Canada’s biggest land-based casino, Casino de Montreal. If you choose not to stay in Montreal you can always still access exceptional casino games from one of Canada’s trusted online casinos, which include Royal Vegas CA.

#2 Toronto

BMO Field will become the epicentre of the World Cup in Toronto with its modest 30,000+ capacity. However, what the flagship stadium lacks in seats compared to the USA’s stadiums, it makes up for in the Toronto experience. Toronto is the most populated city of Canada and with that population brings plenty of things to experience and see. It boast an international community and any soccer visitors will certainly be made to feel welcome.

#3 Edmonton

Edmonton may not be as well-known as the previous two Canadian cities to European soccer fans – but it will certainly be an awesome addition to the World Cup fan itinerary. What better place to host a carnival atmosphere than the Canadian city nicknamed as Canada’s Festival City. It already plays host to a number of big events. If music isn’t your thing you can also check out the local fort which is the largest living museum in the country.

A trip to Canada is worth it just for the friendly locals, delicious donuts and maple syrup. Add the World Cup atmosphere into that recipe and you will make memories for life! You can also check out the stadiums here on Football Tripper!

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By Football Tripper
Last Updated: January 5, 2021