Stadiums in Vietnam

Vietnam Flag

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Than Quang Ninh FC Cam Pha Stadium Cam Pha 15,000 2011
XSKT Can Tho F.C Can Tho Stadium Can Tho 45,000 1981
Dong Thap FC Cao Lanh Stadium Cao Lanh 20,000 1976
SHB Da Nang F.C Chi Lang Stadium Da Nang 28,000 1954
Dong Nai FC Dong Nai Stadium Biên Hòa 25,000 2013
Becamex Binh Duong F.C Go Dau Stadium Thu Dau Mot 18,250 1975
Hanoi T&T F.C Hang Day Stadium Hanoi 22,500 2000
Hai Phong F.C Lạch Tray Stadium Hai Phong 28,000 1957
Dong Tam Long An F.C Long An Stadium Tan An 19,975 2000
Sanna Khanh Hoa F.C Nha Trang Stadium Nha Trang 25,000 1976
Hoang Anh Gia Lai Pleiku Stadium Pleiku 12,000 2001
Quang Nam F.C. Tam Ky Stadium Tam Ky 15,000 1997
Thanh Hoa F.C Thanh Hoa Stadium Thanh Hoa 14,000 1962
Sông Lam Nghe An F.C Vinh Stadium Vinh 18,000 2003