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We started throwing together a quick FAQ page and soon realised that there were too many other websites out there that we wanted to recommend to our readers, so thought that it would be easier to create this page instead :) .


It’s also our way of thanking various authors out there whose websites have either directly helped us out with information or have indirectly inspired us to make Football Tripper.


They’re currently sorted by categories but are in no particular order…Enjoy !

Analysis and In-depth Blogs

  • A Beautiful Numbers Game – Blog by American Football fan, Zach Slaton, which “uses numbers to write statistically informed articles about soccer”. Seattle Sounders FC fan since their inaugural season in 2009.
  • The Ball is Round – Site run by renowned football-travel book author Simon Fuller whose big break came when he wrote an English language guide to the Fifa 2006 World Cup. Contributions also came from Brian Parish who also writes for The Ball is Square, the non-league sister site.
  • The Footy Blog – Guardian featured blog run by Scott Johnson from Scotland. Posts not limited to Scottish Football and show remarkable consistency to be insightful and “on the money” so to speak.
  • The Real FA Cup – A pair of disillusioned football fans attempt to rekindle their passion for the game by following the early rounds of the FA Cup and non-league sides such as Dulwich Hamlet.
  • The Swiss Ramble – Brit living in Switzerland who blogs about the Byzantine world of accounting, and more specifically, how it impacts upon the game we love. Increasingly salient in Europe’s era of Financial Fairplay and Billionaire owners.
  • The Two Unfortunates – Guardian 100 nominated blog which has an “eye on the Football League”. Originally written by two colleagues, it now features writing from a a diverse range of contributors.
  • Two Hundred Percent – An intelligent blog about the “politics, culture, financials and history” of the beautiful game. Written by seven insightful cynics, it is the perfect antidote to mainstream media.
  • Zonal Marking – A great read for anyone who thinks in Football Manager terms or is simply interested in the tactical side of the game.

Community and Forums

  • APFSCIL – Association of Provincial Football Supporters’ Clubs in London. Sharing “a common bond of dislocation”, the members club helps facilitate travel matches across the UK as well as organising London based social events.
  • FootballFans.Eu – Almost like a social network for football fans across Europe. You can create an account and record matches you attend as well as share photographs etc.
  • Reddit – /r/Soccer – The self-described back page of the internet is a large community of football fans around the world. Slightly weighted in favour of content towards the larger teams in Europe, the reddit format essentially aggregates the latest hot topics which in this case is means news stories, match information and highlights.
  • – Norwegian supporters group for fans of the English Premier League and British Football in general.
  • Vital Football – Self-described as “100% unofficial”, the website was set up in 2005 as an independent fans network for all clubs ranging from professional leagues in England to Scotland, and is still going strong today.

Groundhoppers and 92 Club Bloggers

  • 100 Grounds Club – “The number one groundhopping blog”, you would have thought that Shaun Smith had run out of stadiums by now but somehow he keeps finding even more obscure ones!
  • Adventures in das Tinpot – Kenny Legg has been covering “second rate football matches since 2009”. Living in Berlin, he covers German Football but still retains a distinctively British sense of humour.
  • Dave’s Football Travels – Diary of a Scottish Football Obsessive who formerly sat on the board of directors for his team – Livingston F.C, not far from Edinburgh. Doesn’t rate football on the television!
  • Doing the 92 – Website which allows English groundhoppers to record which matches they went to chronologically with scorelines and attendance figures.
  • Football Ground Guide – Duncan Adams’ website is the definitive guide to British Stadiums. Written from first-hand experience, the site has been running for just over 15 years and has recently undergone a modern redesign.
  • – Extensive documentation of one man’s football journey. Written in German, thankfully it contains lots of lovely photos!
  • – Per-Gunnar is a groundhopping boss, having visiting well over 200 grounds across 30 countries including the entirety of the Swedish league and English Premier League.
  • – Vast collection of travel instructions and high-quality photographs for football stadiums across the world.
  • Tims 92 -Extensive documentation of one man’s footballing ground journey. Sadly appears to be inactive as of February 2014, as Tim has stuck to following Wolves rather than outright Groundhopping.
  • Pie and Mushy Peas – Whilst I loathe Mushy Peas and am indifferent to pie, Pie and Mushy Peas is actually an excellent blog. It extensively detailing one man’s passion for football and travel.
  • Phil, Dan, Matt – A father and two sons who are prolific groundhoppers, and who “put in serious shifts” around the continent of Europe. Most notably Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.
  • Water Gate Hopper – Blogger from the Netherlands who instead of hopping across ground, does so overseas in Europe. The name comes from the waterpoort (Watre Gate) in Sneek in Netherlands where the author is from.


  • A Different League – Independently run “Online football magazine which provides a welcome alternative to the shallow and sensational treatment of the sport elsewhere on the web”. Think opposite of click-bait.
  • Football Italia – Still the number one news website for English speaking fans of Italian Football. Simple design, and constantly updated.
  • Football Filter – If you feel you spend too much time each day reading the latest football headlines then give this site a try. It essentially pulls all the main headlines from all the major news outlets onto one easy to read (and click) page.
  • Futbol – Website which rounds up news from the most popular leagues in the world: Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and MLS.
  • Team Talk – A Sky Sports Digital Media Company which retains its independence similar to football 365. Your Say Section which solits fan opinions is always good for a laugh.
  • World Soccer Talk – Operating as early as 2005, the site views itself as an “independent voice for Soccer fans”, and offers an extensive range of news for all of Europes main leagues such as EPL, La Liga and Serie A, in addition to Major League Soccer.


  • – All about Belgium stadiums and arena. Use Google translate!
  • German Grounds – English-speaking, German-authored guide to grounds in Germany. It has an unparalleled collection of photos ranging from the 1. Bundesliga to regional leagues.
  • StadiumDB – An excellent database of information regarding old, new and current stadiums. Whilst not strictly about football grounds, it does seem to cover this sport the most, and the news section for stadia is one of the best on the web.
  • Stadiafile – Classy website which “celebrates stadia, past, present and future”. American Stadium blogger, however he occasionally covers Football, read: Soccer :) .
  • Stadia.GR – The ultimate guide to football stadiums in Greece, complete with excellent photographs.
  • Stadia Postcards – Italian website which houses Fabrizio Pugi’s superb and unique collection of stadium postcards from around the world! Also contains stadium attendance figures for Serie A, B and Lega Pro updated weekly.
  • Stadium Guide – One of the most comprehensive sources of stadium travel information out there on the web. Founded as an “obscure geocities” page, it’s now one of the leading football sites on the web.
  • Stadium Maps – A growing collection of stadium maps for a varied range of sports starting with American staples such as Major League Baseball and ranging to the English Premier League.
  • The Ground Guide – Superb travel companion to the English stadiums from League Two to the National Stadium. Succinct and well formed guides which cut through superfluous language.
  • To the 92 – Appears to be the sister (or newer?) site of the “The Ground Guide”, slightly more verbose with higher quality images.
  • Voetbalstadion – Another Blogger from the Netherlands who has written guides for the biggest stadiums in Europe from the German, English, French, Spanish and Dutch.


  • Euro Football Cities –Website which instead of focusing directly on stadiums, prefers to cover the entire travel experience starting with the city itself. Covers 16 countries and around 250 clubs.
  • European Football Weekends – The legendary blog is now sadly now after the writers moved on to other, perhaps less time consuming, projects. The depth of stadiums covered fortunately remains archived.
  • – Danish travel guide and blog about football destinations all over Europe.

Misc. Football

  • Bill Sports Maps – Covering a range of sports, not just football, Bill visualises Sports data via the good old fashioned method of maps. e.g FA Cup match location and attendance figures for the 2015 quarter final.
  • Football Aid – Organisation which helps give fans the chance to play a game of football at their favourite team’s stadium and feel like a professional football for the day. All for a charitable cause.
  • Live Football on TV – A much needed website dedicated to listing which football matches are to be broadcast on English television.
  • MyFootballGrounds – Gem of a website which lets you curate a list of the grounds you have visited, and plot your completion of the fabled 92 Club.
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By Football Tripper
Last Updated: January 19, 2020