West Ham supporters inside the stadium

Premier League Sum Up : Football seasons across the world look to be in tatters.

Football seasons across the world look to be in tatters. Although it pains us at Football Tripper to see football being cancelled, it’s categorically the right thing to do. When...

Top 10 Stadiums In World Football

Due to the Coronavirus, we may not be able to watch the Champions League at present but that does not mean we cannot look at some of the beautiful game’s...

Inside Craven Cottage on matchday

The Most Unprepared Premier League Stadiums

From the Swindon team in 1993, which conceded 100 goals in its sole Premier League campaign, to the infamous Derby squad of 2007/08 that just barely scraped double figures in...

Old Trafford Metrolink Sign

Greatest Boxing Fights to Take Place in Premier League Stadia

It’s rare for a sport other than football to capture the imagination of a Premier League fan, their dedication to their chosen team usually eclipsing all else. However, football fanatics...

EURO 2021 Host Stadiums

Following recent global events, next summer’s EUROs have been pushed back to 2021. Despite the short-term disappointment of postponement, the tournament will still be sure to be unique in several...

Riverside Stand view from the Thames

10 Great EFL Grounds

Best atmosphere: Elland Road When the place is rocking, there is nowhere quite like Elland Road. The fans there get right behind their team and, given that the Premier League has...

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