Allianz Arena exterior

Inspirational Football Stadiums

Football stadiums are no longer just structures to keep fans safe while watching the beautiful game. They are pieces of fine architecture, art even, dominating skylines and inspiring further creations....

Liverpool fans in the kop end

Can any team stop Liverpool winning the title?

Inspired by the exploits of the women’s national team, the expansion of the MLS and the arrival of top-name players to the domestic game, more and more people in the...

Montreal during the autumn

A Guide to the World Cup 2026 Canadian Cities

The 2026 World Cup Finals were awarded to not just one country, but three. Canada, the USA and Mexico will play hosts to the world in a tournament which continues...

Sheffield United Fans inside the stadium

The FA Cup – Magic or Myth?

We’re constantly reminded about the ‘magic of the cup’ when FA cup games roll around in the football calendar but having just witnessed the third round is it perhaps fair...

Real Betis New Signings: The Best Performers So Far

Barcelona and Real Madrid have been dominating La Liga for decades. Several teams have tried to challenge these two teams, with Athletico Madrid winning the title almost 6 years back,...

QPR supporters inside the stadium

The Demise of QPR

For three of four seasons between 2011 and 2015, QPR played in the Premier League, with one season in the Championship where they played and won back promotion to the...

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