Allianz Arena from above
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Were the Odds in Bayern’s Favor, or was PSG Lacking?

Leading up to the finals, PSG were underdogs with an itch to scratch. The French side had seen elimination during quarter finals consecutively between 2012 and 2016. Bayern on the...

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Top 20 World’s Most Impressive Stadiums : Ready for fun?

Speed bingo is an entertaining game, which people all over the world love to play. There are various stadiums, which host regular bingo events, and people can meet up in...

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Making the Most of the Premier League 2020-21 Season

We live in a completely different world right now, one where we have been blessed with having to watch our favourite teams play, but not as intimately as earlier. Since...

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Revealed: 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Playing Football

Is there more to Football than Money and Fame? Health-wise? Football punters and video game players all over the world delve into the game of football perhaps more than most...

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What Is the Oldest International Football Stadium in the World Still in Use?

At first glance, you might think the answer is a stadium like Hampden Park or Wembley, but it’s actually Wrexham’s Racecourse Ground which is the oldest active international football stadium...

MK Dons fans inside the stadiums
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Sports Betting: How to Bet on Football

The numbers at the bookmakers can be quite confusing. However, don’t let that get to you. All you have to do is learn the fundamentals of sports betting and you...