Liverpool fans in the kop end

Home Ground Advantage in Football Betting

The degree to which playing at home influences a side’s performance in the Premier League is one that is continually contested. Are there sufficiently clear trends to assist the football...

The Four Dirtiest Players In England’s Top Flight

Who are the 4 dirtiest players currently active in England’s Top Flight? Given the very unpredictable quality of referring that has been seen at the halfway point of the 2017/2018...

The Best Non-League Grounds in England

There are many reasons to savour the early rounds of the FA Cup, but perhaps the most compelling is that new clubs are given a deserved spotlight and underappreciated stories...

FIFA 18 stadium list

FIFA 18: A Complete List of Stadiums

Premier League Anfield – Liverpool Emirates Stadium – Arsenal Goodison Park – Everton St. James’ Park – Newcastle St. Mary’s Stadium – Southampton Stamford Bridge – Chelsea Stoke City FC...

PES 2018: A Complete List of All Stadiums

If there’s one thing both PES and FIFA fans can agree on, it’s that the graphical representation of stadiums  are improving with each and every season. Sadly we don’t have...

White Hart Lane from above

Changing Times as Spurs Bid a Fond Farewell to White Hart Lane

In 1899, Tottenham played their first match at White Hart Lane, and 5,000 fans turned out to watch them beat Notts County 4-1 in a friendly. In May of this...

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