Chelsea fans inside the stadium

Premier League Predictions with seven games left!

With just seven games left of the 2016-17 Premiership season, there is still all to play for at both ends of the table. Tottenham Hotspur’s sensational winning streak has just...

Chelsea celebrate Europa League 2013

Who is going to win the premier league?

Sports fans all over the world are all asking the same question: who is going to win the premier league? Different experts are going to have different expectations and predictions,...

Who will be the Top Premier League Scorer – 3 Months in

The British Premier League is a long and gruelling competition lasting almost 10 months. With more twists and turns then a roller-coaster it’s often difficult to make predictions at the...

Should James Milner be England Captain?

James ‘Jimmy’ Milner is an absolute legend. If there had been 10 Milners on the pitch against Iceland in the 2016 Euros there is no way England would have lost....

Inside Seven Sisters Tube Station

Will Tottenham Ever Build Their New Stadium

Not many football teams make headlines for performances on and off the pitch, but in recent times, Tottenham Hotspur have been one of those clubs. The North London club are...

Man Utd Champions League Winners 1999

Manchester United Flopping

Ever since Sir Alex Ferguson left their ranks, Manchester United have been a much lesser threat to other Premier League teams. Having grown tired of their team not being at...

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Arsenal v Tottenham


18 Nov 2017

Old Trafford

Man Utd v Newcastle


18 Nov 2017

Roma v Lazio

Serie A

18 Nov 2017

Stadio San Paolo

Napoli v Milan

Serie A

18 Nov 2017

Parc des Princes

PSG v Nantes

Ligue 1

18 Nov 2017