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Lack Tray Stadium duing a training match

Stadium Facts

Team:Hai Phong F.C
Address: Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong

L?ch Tray Stadium is the multi-purpose home stadium of Hai Phong F.C who participate in V.League 1. It is currently capable of accommodating 28,000 supporters.

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Lach Tray Stadium first opened in 1957, however the inaugural fixture took place on 1st January 1958 to coincide with the new year and to really usher in a new era for the city of Hai Phong. The original stadium known as Stadion Trung tâm consisted of wooden stands however they were replaced in 1959 by a more robust concrete solution.

Municipally owned, in order to maximise the public investment, the stadium has traditionally been used as a multi-purpose sports venue with athletics competitions the second most popular sport after football. It is now home to Hai Phong F.C who are one of the most wealthy clubs in Vietnam.

The highest profile fixtures held at the stadium to date are arguably some women’s matches of the 2003 South-east Asian Olympics. L?ch Tray Stadium underwent extension renovation work in anticipation of the tournament, and was rebuilt two years ahead of schedule at a cost of 34.950 billion dollars.

The stadium has held international men’s fixtures including games against China, North Korea and Cambodia. It also hosted a Socialist Football Tournament in 1963 including country’s from the Eastern Block such as Poland and Czechoslovakia.

During the Vietnam the stadium was used as a temporary hospital after the local area sustained heavy bomb damage in 1972 as the result of the United States Military. Floodlights were first added in 1977 when the ground was officially renamed from Trung tâm to Lach Tray.

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Last Updated: July 21, 2019