Can any team stop Liverpool winning the title?

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Last Updated: September 27, 2020

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What are Liverpools chances of winning the league?

Inspired by the exploits of the women’s national team, the expansion of the MLS and the arrival of top-name players to the domestic game, more and more people in the U.S. are now getting into soccer. It now has millions of fans and is the fourth most popular U.S. sport. Of course, keeping an eye on the major leagues of other countries is also a big draw for American soccer supporters. The English Premier League is one of the most well-loved and many fans in the U.S. like to follow it. In states where sports betting is legal, many also like to win some money by backing their favorite EPL team. Whether it is Indiana sports gambling or soccer betting in New Jersey, this is a growing pastime in the U.S.

If you enjoy keeping up with the EPL and putting a wager on, you may be drawn towards backing Liverpool to clinch the league title this season. While there is still some way to go in the campaign, many are already tipping them to hold on and win. This would be their first league title since the 1989/90 season and is something that their fans are hoping for. Of course, other teams in the Premier League will have their say on whether this happens. But can anyone stop them? The sensible money seems to be on this not being the case. We look at a few reasons why below.

Liverpool are just too good

This seems an obvious point to make but it is a major reason why no-one else in the EPL is likely to stop them taking the crown. They have the best team in the league this year and arguably the best coach in Jurgen Klopp. Those factors have meant no other team in the league can live with them. They should coast to the title with little fuss and make it very difficult for any other team to stop them. From Van Dijk at the back, to Salah, Firmino, and Mane up front, this is a team with no equal this season.

Confidence is high

It is often said that soccer is a game built on confidence. A team which has momentum from winning games will carry on winning more in the future. The awesome run Liverpool have been on lately surely makes this a major weapon for them against all others. To put this into perspective, let’s look at the stats. They have not lost in the Premier League for over a full year and have not lost at their home stadium of Anfield since 2017! Add to this the fact they have scored in each of their 23 games so far and have won 22 of them pretty easily. This confidence boosting form could mean they have the mental strength to see off any challenges.

Decent luck with injuries

One helping hand the Merseyside team have had this year is around injuries to key players – or the lack of them! Usually, teams will have at least one or two key players out injured for lengthy periods over a season. Liverpool have not experienced this so far and they have always fielded their best side. If we are to assume that this carries on, then it will give them far too much firepower and class for the rest of the season for other teams to handle. Keeping people like Alexander-Arnold and others fit could really help them see off any challenges.

They are too far ahead

This could actually be the real clincher for Liverpool in terms of being unstoppable. At present, they are miles ahead of their closest rivals in the table with a lead of 16 points! This means that even if they do slip up and lose a couple of games, it will not really matter. Their lead is so great that they would have to go on a massive losing streak until the end of the year and the teams behind them to have a massive winning streak to catch them. That is not likely to happen!

It’s not over yet

Of course, sports like to throw up shock surprises and soccer is no exception. While it is very unlikely to think that anyone will stop Liverpool from taking the Premier League in 20, there are slim chances for other teams. Liverpool could in theory have long-term injuries to multiple key players or go on a bad run for the remaining months of the campaign. It is just very hard to see this happening which means that the tips for Liverpool to win the Premier League are well founded.

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By Football Tripper
Last Updated: September 27, 2020