David Beckham advised to ground share for new Miami based MLS Franchise

By Football Tripper

Last Updated: August 25, 2019

Inside design for Miami MLS stadium

Arthur Blank, the new owner of Major League Soccer’s 22nd franchise based in Atlanta believes that David Beckham should ground share with a American Football based side for the launch of his Miami Soccer team.

Blank who was speaking to reporters before the Falcon’s game against The Detroit Lions at Wembley Stadium on Sunday answered “Yes” when asked whether or not the yet to be named Miami based MLS team should look to ground share.

Described as “a challenge Beckham has to overcome”, the multi-sports club owner added “It’s important he finds a balance between the commercial side and the special, emotional atmosphere you want for a soccer stadium.”

With the former England Captain and his consortium already having two plans for a new 25,000 capacity stadium rejected by central Miami planning authority, he may be forced to accept the advise offered to him by Arthur Blank.

David Beckham with Miami Investors

David Beckham poses with his fellow Miami MLS team investors.

The sports mogul is owner is currently constructing a new state of the stadium for both his Atlanta based American Football and Soccer teams with the size of the stadium adapting to whatever sport is currently being played.

The 65,000 capacity ground is capable of adapting to a venue of 29,000 seats for Soccer with adjustable seating and mechanised curtain used to hide the top tiers in order to create the intimacy soccer fans are accustomed to in Europe.

Currently there are no Soccer teams based in the southeast quarter of the United States with this set to change season. with the introduction of Orlando City.

Beckham’s Miami side is said to feed into one part of MLS’ growth strategy by promoting local rivalries.

By Football Tripper

Last Updated: August 25, 2019