England’s Chances at The Euros

By Football Tripper

Last Updated: September 19, 2019


What are the Three Lions chances of doing well in the Euros?

As the Euro 2020 are fast approaching, it has got the prediction of the national teams on the mind of fans. Fans of every nation always have that slight feeling of optimism and predict that their country can produce a thrilling show when it comes to their games and potentially progress further than they ever have in the competition. A lot of nations have the slight feeling and hope that their national team can in fact win the Euros, even if they have never done so previously.

One set of fans, that have a lot of optimism when their team plays in both the euros and also the world cup competitions, are England. As one of the most watched nations across the world, every year seems to be England’s year and the fans believe, as do the player and coaches, that the upcoming competition is theirs for the taking.

If we take a look at the betting odds and predictions that betting sites have put on England, it is clear to see that although they are not the clear favourite for most bookmakers, they do however have some backing from the bookies and have been labelled in the top category of teams to win the Euros, falling just behind the likes of France and Belgium, but being put before the likes of Spain. If you head over to Max Free Bets, you can find some of the best sports betting sites and their bonuses from across the UK. You can use these bonuses to bet on odds just like these, and see which bookies are offering the most competitive odds.

It does seem quite repetitive to some people, seeing the hopes and ambition of the fans rising, as they try to convince themselves that England can actually do it this time. It probably doesn’t help that bookmakers are labelling them as a favourite to win these competitions, because it means that fans will look at this and convince themselves it is their year. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it is this hope and belief that teams need from them fans for extra encouragement, to go that one step beyond and possibly win a tournament.

Despite England not having won a single trophy since their world cup win back in 1996, England have slowly been looking more and more promising in their competitions and are starting to get a squad together that is filled with potential, young talent and also some experience. That has been a critical point for England, none of the players that could possibly play for England were good enough, which left England with one of the youngest aged squads in their tournaments. It has taken time to get the squad together and have some experience, which can only be gained by going through the tournaments. Now, a lot of the players have enough experience to power through the Euros 2020 and win the competition, given that they play in their best form.

The current England squad consists of the exact mix that Gareth Southgate wanted, it has young talent and also experienced expertise. The squad for the Euros has not yet been confirmed, however there are some names in there which you can guarantee to be there, given that they do not pick up an injury before the competition, that will put them out of it. There could be some players that manage to creep in the squad or creep out of the squad, depending on how their form is for both club and country leading up to the competition.

If you take a look at the different options that Gareth Southgate has in terms of squad depth and the talent within the squad, you could certainly back England to win the competition. For Goalkeepers, Jordan Pickford looks like a solid starter with experience. He will start most of the games if not all. Moving onto defenders, there are the likes of Harry Maguire, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, John Stones, Kyle Walker, Michael Keane, and more who could all put in a great shift for their nation. As far as the midfield goes, there is a lot of talent and it will be hard to predict the starting midfielders going into the games. Just to name a few excellent players in the midfield position, there are the likes of Dele Alli, Jordan Henderson, Declan Rice, Mason Mount, Jesse Lingard, James Maddison and more. Then finally, up top, to score most of the goals in the tournament and to complete a fierce strike force, there are some exceptional players in Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling, Marcus Rashford, Jaden Sancho, Tammy Abraham and others.

Expectation will be high going into this tournament, after England’s previous display in the World Cup, which saw them reaching the Semi-Finals and arguably should have won that game. All of the nation will be watching on to see exactly how England’s performance will unfold going into the competition. If we take a look at the qualifying group, England should sail past the teams in their group with ease. With England in group A, we have Montenegro, Bulgaria, Kosovo and Czech Republic. We expect England to top this group, which will put them in good flow for the Euro 2020 competition.

Going into the Euros, if you line England’s team up with the likely winners of the competition, like France and Belgium, it would be difficult to predict how games like this would pan out and whether England could possibly beat teams like this, who are sure to be somewhere close to the final. Other teams to watch include Germany, who had a very poor world cup, Portugal, Spain and more. There is no denying that England could give teams like these a very good game and potentially beat them, however it is teams such as France who might just be able to over power them and crush England’s dreams for another year.

By Football Tripper

Last Updated: September 19, 2019