Fifa 22: The rise and fall of the world’s best football players

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Last Updated: December 16, 2021


The latest edition of EA Sports flagship video game franchise, Fifa 22, has been out for nearly two weeks now. It’s received largely positive reviews, with most gaming critics giving it four out of five stars.

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Thankfully player modelling in Fifa 22 doesn’t look like the players are melting before your very eyes. Gameplay feels more fluid than last year’s offering, and putting a good ball in the mixer has certainly improved.

And, as with every year, certain player ratings have also improved. Whilst other player’s ratings have taken a bit of a hit. A number of clubs and their marketing teams have taken advantage of this by posting reaction videos of their stars. They’re definitely worth checking out. Our favourite is a prank pulled on Kyle Walker, who was told his supposed pace rating was 78 in the new Fifa.

There’s plenty of legitimate rating changes to check out in Fifa 22 but who has time to go through them? Well, you don’t have to! Here’s our Top 10 Fifa 22 rating changes.

1) Cristiano Ronaldo 92 to 91 rating

We all get older which is what EA Sports are thinking here. Ronaldo’s pace and dribbling stats have both dropped by 2 and 1 respectively here. His passing has slightly improved though, which is maybe a sign of this veteran’s experience. But this all adds up to a drop in Ronaldo’s overall rating. He’ll definitely feel aggrieved, after he finished top goal scorer in Serie A and the European Championships this summer. The salt in the wounds? Lionel Messi’s rating remains unchanged at 93.

2) Robert Lewandowski 91 to 92 rating

Lewandowski moves up the pecking order this year, taking Ronaldo’s place as the second highest rated player in Fifa. It’s no surprise after the Pole once again won the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich, scoring 41 goals in 29 appearances.

3) N’Golo Kante 88 to 90 rating

Kante joins the select few rated 90 or above in this edition of Fifa. Every football fan has known about his quality for a while now, and it really shone through for Chelsea last year when they won the Champions League. This is a well deserved bump up in the Frenchman’s stats.

4) Harry Kane 88 to 90 rating

Harry Kane joins Kante as a 90 rated player. He was Spurs’ best player last season and the Premier League’s top goal scorer. He didn’t have the best of European Championships with England, but that didn’t stop him from getting the nod from EA Sports.

5) Sergio Aguero 89 to 87 rating

Aguero has astonishingly been rated as 89 in Fifa for 5 years! A well deserved achievement. It could never last forever though, and Fifa 22 sees him dropping to 87. He played a bit part at City last season because of injury and a Guardiola system that didn’t use an out and out striker.

6) Eden Hazard 88 to 85 rating

Much like Aguero, Hazard was injured for large parts of last season. And unfortunately he didn’t impress the merengues when he was fit for Real Madrid. What makes this decline sadder is his rating in Fifa 19 & Fifa 20 – an impressive 91 overall. Hopefully he can bounce back this season.

7) Gianluigi Donnarumma 85 to 89 rating

He broke English hearts in the European Championships 2020, saving Bukayo Saka’s penalty in the shoot out to ultimately win the competition for the Italians. Before that, he produced some stunning displays for his National team and his club AC Milan. Aged 22, big things await this keeper in the real & virtual world.

8) Eric Haaland 84 to 88 rating

Haaland along with Kylian Mbappe have been tipped to be football’s biggest stars after Messi & Ronaldo retire. Unlike Mbappe, Haalnd’s Fifa rating never really reflected his displays in real life during the 20/21 season. He scored 41 goals in 41 appearances for Borussia Dortmund last season and that looks set to continue this year!

9) Romelu Lukaku 85 to 88 rating

Our penultimate entry is another quality striker in the form of the Belgian Romelu Lukaku. He actually reached 87 rating in Fifa 19, but ultimately declined because of his disappointing time at Manchester United. He’s back at Chelsea now, after an amazing two years at Inter Milan which ended with a Serie A winners medal.

10) Roger Ibañez 64 to 77 rating

He’s not a heavy hitter nor a household name, but it would be a crime not to include the most improved player of this year’s Fifa. Brazilian defender Ibañez made 40 appearances for Roma last season despite being on loan from Atlanta. This was enough for new manager Jose Mourinho to sign him for the Giallorossi’s upcoming season. He’s a quick centre back which is always a good thing in Fifa. Definitely worth considering if you’re starting a career / manager mode!

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By Football Tripper
Last Updated: December 16, 2021