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Last Updated: June 19, 2021

Aerial View of Camp Nou


Which Stadiums are due for an update?

Often people forget that there is so much more to football than just the games or the players. From club loyalty and jerseys to stadiums and memorabilia, football is a way of life that only real fans know how to live.

It is because of the passion that football evokes that the sport continues to be a favourite around the world. As a result, football is also a highly bet-worthy sport with punters and bookmakers indulging in soccer competitions throughout the year. The start of any significant tournament is always preceded by top betting offers by bookies for fans and punters to set favourable wagers that are a great way to add excitement to the game and also make money from it.

For punters and football enthusiasts, any and every kind of development that takes places revolving around the game is of importance. One of these is development in stadiums. While it might not have a direct effect on how the players perform, stadiums are an integral part of football fandom and play an essential role in the brand of a club.

Camp Nou

Barcelona’s iconic Camp Nou is all set for a facelift. The stadium will undergo renovations starting 2020, with the project expected to finish in three years. Amongst the changes taking place is a new roof, which means that for a season or so fans will have to bear the rain. The plan at present is to go ahead with the refurbishment without having Barcelona to move to another stadium. However, the major development in the updated building will be the increased number of seats, to 105,000, making Camp Nou amongst the largest stadiums in the world. Furthermore, the stadium will also be the first to have 5G mobile technology. Both the team and fans are eagerly awaiting all the changes, and are all set to make adjustments during the renovation period.

Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium

Everton has a lot to look forward to in the coming years, and a new stadium is the one thing fans are especially awaiting. The club will finally be moving from Goodison Park, where they have been playing since 1892, to the riverside location of Bramley-Moore Dock stadium. Situated right next to the river Mersey, the new stadium will have a capacity of 52,000 seats and new-age futuristic design. The construction is likely to start in 2020 with the team shifting to the stadium in 2023.

Inter Miami Stadium

David Beckham owned Inter Miami CF team is all set to start playing in Major League Soccer come 2020. The stadium for the team is under development and expected to be ready a couple of years down the line. The stadium is being built on a golf course and true to the American way of life will include a mall and office block along with the actual ground.

Santiago Bernabeu

Real Madrid is upgrading its iconic stadium, giving it a new look and added facilities. Upon completion in 2022, Santiago Bernabeu will have a retractable roof and a commercial block that will hopefully make the stadium more than just a sports destination. The team has spared no expense for this expansion and reportedly will spend close to Euro 550 million on the project.

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By Football Tripper
Last Updated: June 19, 2021