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Last Updated: December 16, 2021

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If you are the kind of sports lover that follows the Premier League religiously, You will probably have noticed that there are more betting companies that are making it on players shirts these days. Gambling and English football are both massively huge industries, and each and every year they get more and more profitable-especially with the association from one another. You have to think that, so many viewers tune in from all over the world, that simple coverage of bettor sponsorships makes a vast deal of leveraging traffic towards gambling.

In fact, even online casinos have turned towards this initiative, not just sports betting associations. While there are many to consider in today’s day and age, here you can find the best online casinos in this top list, which should cover the most commonly used casino gambling sponsors in English football.

By entering sponsorship deals with gambling associates, the football industry, with particular reference to the Premier League, gets paid millions of pounds in return, to compensate for such high coverage, be it on live stream TV, or in person. It is a great advertisement scheme nonetheless.

The Betting Sponsor Status at Present

With the exception of Sheffield, Liverpool and Chelsea, all teams that are in the Premier League have played the season with a sponsorship betting brand deal. The association is visible to all spectators and viewers on TV, as the betting brands are placed on Shirts and football kits of the players. The sleeves of the kits are the usual spots where sponsorships are placed, however 50% of deals in the Premier League now also use the logo of the betting brands at the front of the shirts, alongside the team logo itself.

It is said that West Ham have the biggest betting sponsorship within the Premier League, as the current value of the deal is at £20 million.

What has changed over the years?

Before the 2002-2003 season, anything other than betting brand sponsorship deals were not very common, meaning something must have changed to increase the saturation of these marketing campaigns within football. It was Fulham that first opened up the concept of introducing betting to the football industry, as back in 2002 they signed a huge deal that year with the logo of the betting brand placed on the front of the football shirt. This certainly spurred on more deals, as after this, the very next year saw the market become wide open with many gambling teams approaching clubs for multiple season partnerships at a time.

The biggest season was during 2016, where there was an estimated £349 million combined earned by football clubs who went into a partnership with gambling brands. A total of 10 major clubs in the League displayed betting brands on the front of their shirts, with some even extending beyond the average football kit appearances.

The 2020 season still showed substantial deals, yet it was the lowest on record with a total of £68.6 million coming from betting brand deals. Such arrangements will depend on many factors, while some clubs feel it is ethically not appropriate to push gambling deals, others disagree and use it as a vital part of income towards running clubs and dealing with financial responsibilities. Nobody can deny that 2020 was a huge hit on football clubs finances, therefore brand deals such as these are sometimes necessary for clubs to manage to pull through.

Betting brands do pay quite the hefty sum of money to allow intimate advertising within the pitch side, as well as paying for football kit features. Some of the biggest betting brands in the market will consistently hold positions for banners and billboards, as it certainly is another way of getting air time without having to market directly with TV campaigns. Of course, some even time marketing campaigns of betting brands to air during half time, when viewers will most certainly will be watching and have their full attention towards the screen. Gambling has become a huge common feature within sports, and with multiple football betting promotions and gambling possibilities, it does make sense that the connection is made between the two regardless.

While other places around the world are easing off of the gambling association within football due to controversy, The English Premier League utilises this opportunity, as they know it will certainly generate much additional revenue, which is key to sustaining income earned by the leading clubs.

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By Football Tripper
Last Updated: December 16, 2021