Is change in Madrid business as usual for Real?

By Football Tripper

Last Updated: August 25, 2019

Real Madrid Champions League Winners 2014

Picture the scene: two heavyweight clubs battling for the ultimate prize, both possessing the quality to go all the way. An opening 30 minutes that proved just that. Before heartbreak as one team’s potential Ballon’d’or winner leaves the field through injury, arguably a turning point.


Cue a goalkeeper’s worst nightmare, and a forward entering the field as if he’s stepped into Valhalla. Words simply cannot describe Gareth’s Bale spectacular bicycle kick. Cristiano Ronald’s face, however, certainly could.


Fast-forward five days as shocked news reporters listen to Zinedine Zidane telling them he loves Real Madrid but that the club needs ‘a different voice’.


Many of those same stunned reporters earlier penned articles titled ‘Real stars hint summer exit’ as their two most expensive players, Cristiano Ronaldo & Gareth Bale, drop bombshells of potential summer moves. All of this coming immediately after their European victory. Yet nobody could’ve guessed one of them would be the Frenchman, the captain of the ship.


But wait a second we’re confused. Somebody tell us why many’s cheeky trip to the bookies this weekend has been greeted by odd’s on Ronaldo rejoining Man United at 7/1? Or our personal favourite, Bale making a shock exit to Southampton at 40/1… They won didn’t they? Well we’ll hold our hands up and say placing such bets wouldn’t be the most stupid thing to do, especially when you can use sites like Sign Up Bonuses to land free ones.


And although some of these odds may appear a little outlandish, something similarly uttered by a certain fan who placed a bet on Leicester winning the Premier League title a couple of seasons back, it unquestionably highlights that there’s a Real possibility there’s going to be big change in Madrid next season.


So should we be shocked? We won’t pretend that Zidane’s announcement didn’t come as a surprise to us, but as far as Bale & Ronaldo are concerned? Certainly not.


Real has been a club that has thrived on consistent change, both on and off the pitch.  Any one of them leaving shouldn’t really be a shock, no matter who they are.


Madrid stars also have a little history in making noises to negotiate improved contracts. Sergio Ramos acted coy with Manchester United and managed to secure a fatter wage from Florentino Pére a couple of seasons back. And as for Ronaldo? Well it seems as if every season has been characterised by such a statement for the last 4 years.


Bale is the interesting piece in this jigsaw. He hasn’t played as much as his performance in the Champions League final warranted him to this season and he was open in saying so. Wherever he is next season it will make for a fascinating picture once he falls into place.


One thing is for certain: the big wheels that are Real Madrid will keep turning. Just don’t be surprised if they’ve replaced a couple of gaskets and filters before then.

By Football Tripper

Last Updated: August 25, 2019