Manchester United Crushing Defeat Knocks Them Out Of Champions League

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Last Updated: December 15, 2020

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The Champions League is well and truly underway and with it comes the fight for the top 16. But with some of the best teams in the world all fighting for these converted steps, there are bound to be some that fall through the cracks. In this article, we will be providing you with everything you need to know about the latest Manchester United Results that saw them knocked out of the Champions League.

Manchester United Finish In Top 5 Of The Premier League

Though the 2019 and 2020 season was anything but ordinary as the result of the pandemic, the fight for the top five of the Premier League was still one of the best to come out of football last year. With many twists and turns in it as well as several amazing match-ups, the Premier League saw Manchester United finishing in the Top 5 of the league table giving them their one-way ticket to the Champions League.

However, this did not come without its own challenges. With a poor performance at the beginning of the league, many people were wondering whether or not they would make it into the top 5 to qualify for the tournament at all. However, with several amazing wins towards the end of the season, this superstar squad were able to pull it back to finish in the top 5 of the amazing teams in 2020.

The Qualification Of United For The Champions League

By qualifying within the top five of the Premier League the superstar team of United automatically qualified for the Champions League alongside some of the best teams in the world. However, with teams such as PSG, Juventus and Bayern Munich to name a few, it was certainly looking like a challenge for the team that is not performing at their best throughout the season.

Despite being one of the top-performing teams in the Premier League towards the end of the season, the squad have a lot to do before they can fully win over the trust of the fans and sports bettors once again, meaning an outstanding performance is needed in the Champions League for them to even be considered one of the top competitors.

The Performance In The Champions League In 2020 So Far

Though the bookies and the fans were sceptical of the team’s abilities to perform when it really mattered in the Champions League, United started out by winning a majority of the games that they are playing. However, as the performance began to slip again, the trust in the fans begun to slip again. This has had a significant impact on the betting odds for the Champions League as other popular teams such as Manchester City began to see betting odds of 4/1 putting them in contention for the championship, as reflected on different sites.

A Loss Against RB Leipzig

As if the team were not already struggling enough with their performance, the final nail in the coffin was the poor performance against RB Leipzig on the 8th of December. With the team just not playing well enough, they saw a crushing 3-2 defeat against the team that saw them not being able to qualify for the top 16 and move on further in the competition. Though this is upsetting for many of the United fans, it is unsurprising for those that have been following the competition closely as Solskjaer has become the first-ever manager to lose 6 of their 10 first matches.

The Future Of The Teams In The Europa League

Despite their disappointing performance, however, all eyes are on Real Madrid and whether or not they will make it into the top 16 of the Champions League this year. They are yet another team with a lacklustre performance thus far that could land them in the same position as United. Regardless of the outcome, the Europa league us looking to be fierce competition when it starts December 10th. Who do you think will come out on top and do you think Barcelona may be joining the competition?
Whether you have been following the league for a while now or you are a fan of Manchester United and are catching up on all the scores, there is plenty for you to look forward to as we head into another exciting time for football, for both bettors and football fans.

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By Football Tripper
Last Updated: December 15, 2020