Revealed: 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Playing Football

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Last Updated: June 20, 2021

Is there more to Football than Money and Fame? Health-wise?

Football punters and video game players all over the world delve into the game of football perhaps more than most of us ever will. Knowing the ins and outs of the football world is great for football betting, while video games keep people busy, and excited for hours on end. These characteristics show an appreciation for football that is a tad superficial. The game’s real benefits can be realized only when one actively participates in the sport. Any football player, especially one with a few years’ experience under his/her belt, will tell you they found indispensable health benefits while playing football.

Let’s dive right in and explore several benefits found from playing football.

Reduced Anxiety.

Perhaps the greatest health benefit from playing football, a lowered level of anxiety is due in part to endorphins. In laymen’s terms, as your body goes rigorous training, day in and day out, it releases feel-good hormones. These are said to relieve you of stress in your body, affecting your thinking process and leaving you feeling calm and collected. These feel-good hormones take are of depression issues, which is probably one of the reasons (aside from winnings) that players are so excited after football games.

Cognitive Abilities.

While playing a good game of footie, players maximize their concentration and decision-making abilities. This is exhibited when a player makes quick decisions on the pitch that either leads to wins or devastating losses. The best examples of such concentration come about when taking free-kicks. When a player aims a ball past a wall of defenders, shooting straight into the corner of the net, that’s exceptional cognitive ability. This high level of concentration is perfect for families with a footballer in their midst.

Bone Strength.

Have kids? Take notes. Apart from swimming, few other sports provide bone-building and strengthening capacity like football. Another plus for young families. If you have a child who’s interested in football, make all the effort to ensure they participate. The agility and strength requirements of football make for sound muscle building and increased bone density. This increase has been witnessed in studies conducted on female soccer players.

Loss of Lower Body Fat.

As you pace up and down the football field, the endurance requirements meet and exceed those of a regular job around the neighborhood. Burning calories on the pitch happen almost immediately, which is why footballer have to rehydrate during breaks. The increased demand for both anaerobic and aerobic physical capabilities forces the body to burn fat while increasing muscle. This in turn forces athletes to develop leaner bodies with less body fat composition. Say goodbye to high cholesterol issues.

Lowered Heart Rate.

This always sounds off every time we read or write it, doesn’t it? Does it not signify someone getting weaker? Not by a long shot! On the contrary, a lowered heart rate is the healthiest physical condition one can have, ever! Athletes all over the world, especially those engaging in aerobically demanding sports like marathons, have lowered heart rates. This implies your body isn’t working as hard to pump blood around your body, to keep you alive.

Increased Commitment Levels.

Imagine the relentless pursuit of goal-scoring, even when things seem bleak no matter which way you look at it. The optimism inherent in soccer players rarely comes naturally. It is a result of years of disappointments on the pitch, up and down moments that can sometimes leave people disillusioned. With time, players develop resilience levels that are exhibited in their life pursuits off the pitch.

Better Lifestyle Choices.

Playing football forces players to revise lifestyle choices. Though it’s no secret partying is a part of celebrating victories, especially for footballers, it’s all in moderation. Drinking heavily or eating junk food is a no-no for any footballer seeking to grow in their football career. Challenging the likes of Ronaldo and Messi on the pitch takes more than a few days at the gym… it’s consistent in good dietary plans.


Being able to coordinate feet and arms is one thing. Swinging your head, taking a shot, or flipping your body to score a goal is the epitome of coordination skills. This, in line with cognitive abilities, makes for a well-coordinated member of society. Such coordination can be translated to other aspects of life, or indeed other sports. Who says a soccer player can’t become a well-coordinated golfer, or race car driver.


Epic goals and unbelievable wins due to relentlessly chasing after trophies will create enviable levels of confidence in any man or woman. This confidence is gained through hard work, determination, and resilience against all odds. With time, players develop a thick skin – one that quite evident as they pursue greater achievements in their lives, on, and off the field.

Build Overall Body Strength.

Last but not least, your entire body receives an overhaul, if at all it needs one. While playing football, every inch of your body, in and out, is allowed to excel. Next time you visit a sports gym or peruse a sporting magazine, be sure to check out the physique of any one of your favorite footballers. We’ll be waiting for your feedback.

Bottom Line.

You can’t go wrong playing football. It is one thing to gamble or scream your lungs out at the stadiums, but engaging in this sport can leave you running for your life, or running your life. As you take in shorter breaths due to better lung capacity and heart rates, not only will you be happy, your family will have a healthier breadwinner on their hands.

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By Football Tripper
Last Updated: June 20, 2021