Should James Milner be England Captain?

By Football Tripper

Last Updated: August 25, 2019

James ‘Jimmy’ Milner is an absolute legend. If there had been 10 Milners on the pitch against Iceland in the 2016 Euros there is no way England would have lost. That’s why I’m placing a bet for Liverpool to win the league this season because of one key ingredient. Jimmy Milner!!! I’m not only writing this article saying that Milner deserves a place in the England team, but also to say that he deserves to be Captain of the England team, and here’s why!

Rooney is past it and should be dropped.

I must admit that I was a Rooney fan and supported him throughout the years of poor England performances and more recently the poor form under Louis Van Gaal. For me it was a no brainer to put Rooney into the squad. But with great love also comes great disappointment. Watching him put cross after cross after cross into row Z just snapped me and I felt betrayed for all the years I stood by him. No matter who is England manager next Rooney needs to be dropped leaving the vacancy of Captain open…

Milner is the most capped player

So now Wayne Rooney has been dropped that only leaves one Jimmy Milner. It’s hard to believe but Milner is the most capped outfield player England have at the moment and is just behind Joe Hart. This level of experience is needed in a captain and although Joe Hart would one day make a fine captain, at the moment he is rediscovering his love for the game while playing at Torino and so we don’t want to overburden him.

Milner has won the most trophies

When you look to your captain in your hour of need for strength and support you want to know that he has tasted the sweet taste of silver and success and not many England players can say that. Once again another slightly shocking statistic but Milner is the most decorated England player at the moment. This seems like madness where winning 2 premier leagues wins the accolade but long gone are the days of Beckam, Scholes and Neville with their dozens of premier league winners medals between them. Now it seems that English players have a hard time winning the premier league consistently and so James Milner winning 2 premier league titles with Man City is a very important quality in a leader.

Milner is whiter than white

Sure some people call him Boring James Milner but that’s what you want in a Captain. You want someone reliable. It’s no secret that English football is the laughing stock of the world with our Big Sam’s recent troubles and our embarrassing Iceland defeat. That’s why in our darkest hour we need a white knight. He’s the captain England deservers, not the one it needs!

By Football Tripper

Last Updated: August 25, 2019