Should Man United Knock Down Old Trafford?

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Last Updated: May 7, 2022

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One of the most iconic football stadiums, not just in the UK, but in the world is undergoing serious discussion with the hierarchy of Manchester United Football Club as they debate whether or not the ‘Theatre of Dreams’ should be knocked down and rebuilt, as in its current state, it isn’t fit for purpose.

The United fanbase have yet again been divided in opinion against the ownership of Manchester United regarding another big decision that the club are contemplating making. The club have stated that they are looking at possible options to redevelop Old Trafford Stadium, to make it a more aesthetically pleasing and safer place for football games to be hosted.

One of the most controversial suggestions, which has really riled up the United fanbase, is the idea that the iconic stadium needs to be knocked down and a new one needs to be built in its place.

This is being considered as a possible solution to the lack of success from the club over the last decade and this change could possibly help improve the club as a whole, where if currently look at the football betting odds for them against opposition, they are far from favourites in any competition.

Why Are United Fans Against Knocking Down Old Trafford?

The United fans have let their voice be known all over social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, as they are in huge disagreement with the possibility of their “home” being demolished.

Man United fans don’t see why the stadium needs to be demolished in order to be developed and don’t want it to be knocked down as it holds such valuable memories. Old Trafford has witnessed some unbelievable sporting moments, some of the best moments in football history. Which is why knocking it down, in the opinion of United fans, in some way erases those memories.

When you walk into the stadium of Manchester United, you feel the history and success that the club has had over the years, it differs from walking into any other football stadium in England. You are walking into a stadium of treble winners, 3 in a row league winners, league cup winners and Champions League dominations.

With Manchester United being under the immense pressure they are currently in, with an unusual lack of success over the last 10 years, at this moment in time, the only thing the fans have to cling onto is the history, therefore taking away the stadium creates an even distant memory than what is already there.

Does Old Trafford Need Renovating?

The clear and obvious answer to this question is yes. There is no hiding the fact that the stadium in its current state is a shambles. It is one of the oldest in the league and it has had no TLC from the United board for quite some time.

The Glazer Family, who currently own Manchester United and have done for the last 17 years, have left the stadium to rot. The American owners have barely stepped foot into the stadium themselves so probably don’t understand the scale of renovation that has been needed in that ground over the years.

It has slowly worsened in appearance, making it not as appealing for fans to visit. Nonetheless, United have a very strong fanbase and still continue to support the club and attend home matches despite sitting in a stadium that feels half broken.

It isn’t just the stadium either, on record, United have one of the worst training facilities of any of the Premier League clubs. Since The Glazers took over, they’ve done nothing to improve the training ground, which could explain as to why slowly but surely, the club has entered a state of failing and lack of silverware, because their facilities are just miles off where they should be and it’s affecting the overall team’s performance on the pitch.

What Other Options Are On The Table?

There are more cards on the table than simply just demolishing the Theatre of Dreams. Other options include extending the South Stand and revamping the rest of the existing stadium, which would be a preferable choice for most fans.

The club had previously invested £20million in 2019 to fix aspects of the stadium but it’s going to need a lot more than that in its current state. For example look at Tottenham Hotspur, who invested over £1bn into their new stadium which is one of the best in Europe.

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By Football Tripper
Last Updated: May 7, 2022