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Last Updated: September 27, 2020


The hottest fantasy summer transfers!

Chelsea vs. Arsenal’s thrilling FA Cup Final (2020) brought closure to a monumental year in top flight English football. Coronavirus has changed a lot but there’s one thing that has remained the same: the excitement over summer transfers. This was epitomised by a superb performance by Aubameyang which clinched the FA Cup for his Arsenal side. The words out of every football fan’s mouth after the game were pretty much: ‘What a player… Will he stay? Or will he go!?’

If you couldn’t already tell we love the transfer gossip that makes the rounds after the league comes to a close. And there seems to be quite a lot bustling around Premier League sides this year.Who will strengthen? But most importantly, who will strengthen in the areas that make the difference?
Any fan of Fifa’s career mode will know the importance of this and will ultimately be an expert on the matter. Even more so than qualified scouts. We’re sorry if this causes any offence… But it’s a fact.
So to make this a little bit interesting we’ve played a game. We’ve selected three transfer rumours that are making the rounds in the Premier League this year. We’ve then likened them to similar big money signings we’ve made ourselves in Fifa from years gone by to help us call whether they’ll work Fernandes style, or leave a terrible after taste like one Di Maria Pie… Oh some of our Fifa signings were glorious… And some… Are best forgotten about. On that note does anyone remember Bebe in the Premier League? EXACTLY. We’ve also included the betting odds of them happening to give you an idea of their likelihood. Using betting review sites, like bet365 review, to gauge whether they’re on point is a nice little trick we’ve picked up.

1) Jadon Sancho to Manchester United

Odds: 1/8

Our Fifa Equivalent: Theo Walcott to Chelsea

Sancho can pass the ball, run with it, and put it in the back of the net when he’s called upon to. Oh and he’s only 20? In 2009 yours truly acquired the talents of one 20 year old Theo Walcott with Chelsea in a bid to mount a challenge on then PL Champions Manchester United. Did it work? Well anyone who plays Fifa knows there’s a couple of game changing attributes. And they are acceleration & sprint speed, both of which Walcott had in abundance. He tore up and down the wings providing assist after assist for Didier Drogba. What a season!

Conclusion: Much like our virtual Walcott signing, Sancho will turn United into serious title contenders next year.

2) Gareth Bale to Tottenham

Odds: 10/1

Our Fifa Equivalent: Carlos Tevez to West Ham [Second spell]

2013… It was a magical version of Fifa. In the real world it presented a conclusion to Carlos Tevez’s turbulent time at Manchester City. Cast your eyes to Real Madrid today and you’ll find a similar story with Gareth Bale. When we brought Tevez back to West Ham in the virtual world we were shocked to find we couldn’t reignite the romance that explosively came to a close when he saved the Hammers from relegation in 2007. We tried everything. Well when we say everything, we mean we operated a strict policy of ‘Only Tevez can shoot. HE MUST BE OUR TOP GOALSCORER.’ It was ultimately our downfall…

Conclusion: We’re big fans of Bale and would love to see him back in the Premier League but it just won’t work. Kane. Son. Alli… Spurs are far from being a complete team but they’ve changed too much to hit it off again with Bale.

3) Edinson Cavani to Leeds United

Odds: 5/1

Our Fifa Equivalent: Ronaldo [Brazilian] to West Bromwich Albion

Ah yes Fifa 2004 was very realistic when it came to signings & transfer budgets. As West Brom we were keen to avoid the pain of relegation so spent big and successfully enticed Brazil legend Ronaldo from Madrid to Birmingham. And he didn’t disappoint. He won that year’s PL Golden Boot & secured a Champion League’s spot for our little Brummy side. The next year we naturally acquired the services of Ronaldinho, Frank Lampard and Paolo Maldini which led us to win every trophy on offer. When we say every trophy, we mean EVERY TROPHY. 🏆🏆🏆

Conclusion: This is the start of something special for Cavani & Leeds. Expect them to win every piece of silverware come the 21/22 season…

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By Football Tripper
Last Updated: September 27, 2020