Why Will the FIFA World Cup 2022 Be the Best Ever?

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Last Updated: December 16, 2021

Now a huge construction project is being carried out in Qatar. This small Gulf country is preparing to host the biggest sporting world championship ever, the 2022 World Cup. This tournament will be held in 8 stadiums, 7 of them were built specifically for this massive event.

The country prepared each stadium with unique techs that are not usually available in football stadiums. For example, all of them contain climate controlling tech which fixes the temperature inside at 26ºC even though it is 40 ºC outside! Qatar stadiums are incredibly close together as they are located just an hour from the capital, Doha. Also, they are linked with a high speed metro.

Now, it seems that preparing for the World Cup is the national project of the Qatari state. There is a frantic race against time to finish the constructions. Of course, all football fans are eager to know more details about each arena and the event’s atmosphere.

What Is the FIFA World Cup 2022?

2022 FIFA World Cup is the 22nd edition of this biggest single sport event. Unusually, this championship will take place for the first time in the winter season during the period of 21 November to 18 December 2022 to overcome the sweltering Qatari summer. However, the heat is also expected to be high as winters in Qatar are not like in Europe!

The matches will take place on 8 venues, 7 of them are built from scratch for this event. These stadiums are distributed over five cities and connected by express metros and special roads that make the commute time less than half an hour.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup involves 32 teams competing in 65 matches. The iconic Lusail Stadium will host the opening and final match. While the other stadiums will host the rest of the matches.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Stadiums

Qatar invested about $4bn to construct stadiums and hotels, highways, high speed metro to host the 2022 world cup and to put itself on the map of hosting global sporting events.

Qatar’s leaders have always indicated that their 10-year project is a long-term investment in tourism and hosting sporting events. Clearly, it makes sense that no country should spend such huge sums to only host an event that will last only three weeks! Before the World Cup, Qatar has organized several regional and global events to draw the attention of football fans. In addition to their large fan seats and high tech, Qatar stadiums have exquisite designs stemming from the fascinating Arab culture.

Below is a quick run-through of Qatari stadiums that have been short-listed to host the 2022 World Cup matches.

1. Khalifa International Stadium

This is the only venue that wasn’t built from scratch for this championship. This stadium was Qatar’s largest ever before building more was considered, it was built in 1976 meaning it is very old in comparison with the other stadiums Qatar built. However, it has undergone major renovations and reopened in 2017. Its seats have also increased to 40,000 spectators. The structure of the stadium was modernized by a dual arch external structure. Also, it includes sophisticated cooling tech. Khalifa Stadium is likely to host the quarter-final matches. This Qatar National Stadium is in the heart of the capital, El Doha, in the Aspire Zone. This area is dedicated to technological development and innovation in Qatar, giving football fans a chance to look at the most important technological innovations that Qatar has achieved.

2. AL-Bayt Stadium

AL-Bayt in the Arabic language means “the home”. Indeed, the design of the stadium simulates the old homes in which the Bedouins lived in the Arabian Gulf for centuries. It looks like a huge rectangular tent fixed with pegs on the ground. At the first glance at the stadium, you will reminisce the stories of the Arabian Nights. However, this tent will tell a different story… the World Cup epic!

This arena has more than 60,000 fan seats and includes shopping centres, a comprehensive hospital and other amenities designed for the welfare of fans and players. This stadium is 60 km from the capital Doha; however, it is not connected by express trains or highways and can only be reached using mass transportation such as buses and taxis.

3. Al-Janoub Stadium

If a list is presented of the 10 most beautiful stadiums in the world, Al-Janoub Stadium will be one of them. If the list is shortened to only 5 stadiums, Al Janoub Stadium will be one of them, and if there is one stadium that deserves the title “gorgeous” it will be the Al-Janoub! The design of Al Janoub Stadium is not a leap into the present, but rather a return to the roots and the pre-oil world when Qataris and Arabs were working in pearling from the Persian Gulf
Here the myths of the mermaid, the genie and the lamp we enjoyed as a child were born. The world renowned Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid created a design combining the oyster, pearl, and pearl fishing boats which were made of timber. It is very rare to see a stadium that reflects the culture of the country.
The arena is situated in Al-Wakrah city which is only 20 km far from Doha and has 40,000 fan seats. You can reach the city by the metro line, private car, or any of the mass transportation methods.

4. Education City Stadium

As the name indicates, this stadium is built in Qatar’s cultural city. This stadium is 40,000 seats and is scheduled to host the quarter final stage of the World Cup.
The structure of the stadium is designed in the shape of a ribbed diamond that shines by day and glows like the moon by night! The stadium contains is 40,000 seats but after the event, half of them will be donated to build stadiums in African countries to share the passion for football with people who can’t even watch the World Cup 2022 matches.
This stadium is located 7 km from the capital downtown and can be accessed by all fans by all methods including metro, regular road, and public transportation methods. The stadium area has a lot of golf courses, green spaces, and modern shopping malls. So, all fans can take a guided tour after watching the matches.

5. Al Rayyan Stadium

This stadium bears the name of the city in which it is located. Al Rayyan city is one of the most historical cities in Qatar. It is located on the edge of the desert and allows tourists to learn about the roots of the Arabian Gulf. The stadium can accommodate more than 40,000 fans and it will host group stage matches, qualifiers and even the quarter-finals.

Fans can reach this stadium by metro or via public transportation as well. The journey from Khalifa Stadium metro station to Al Rayyan Stadium takes only 40 minutes. So, matches can be watched at different stadiums on the same day.

6. Al Thumama Stadium

Al Thumama Stadium is located 12 KM from the centre of Doha and includes 40,000 seats. This arena has a unique design inspired by the dress worn by Arab men on their heads. Of course, it is unique to see an architectural design inspired by traditional clothing!
This stadium also will donate half of its seats to build stadiums in poor countries. The fastest way to reach this stadium is through the Metro.

7. Ras Abu Aboud Stadium

Believe it or not! For the first time in the history of the World Cup, matches will take part in stadiums made from old recycled containers! The even more amazing thing is that the stadium will be re-dismantled to be used for other construction projects! Ras Abu Aboud Stadium overlooks the city of Doha and is located on the shore of the Arabian Gulf. Fans can reach stadiums by metro or public transportation.

8. Lusail Stadium

The most prominent stadium in this tournament, which will host the opening game and final match. It is still under construction at the time of writing this text! Lusail stadium has a record of fan seats reaching 86,000.

The British studio for architecture and integrated design, Foster + Partners design this stadium. The design reflects the ancient craft of weaving Arab pots which is a symbol of kindness.

It is in Lusail city (north of the capital). This city contains many resorts, marinas, malls, and luxury facilities. Fans can reach it using the underground network or by road.

Can Qatar Entertain Football Fans!

Some sports fans and media outlets thought that the event should be taken away from Qatar; Because it doesn’t suit the biggest single-sport event in the world! Not regarding facilities and stadiums, but for its strict traditions that conflict with the freedoms of tourists. Also, there are many other reasons like the country doesn’t have any record in football history. High living expenses. The hot climate is not suitable for sports. However, Qatari officials have always reassured the football community that they will be tolerant of women’s clothing and allow alcoholic drinks at licensed hotels and restaurants. Despite this controversy, all punters are waiting for this event to set up their fantasy teams, select roasters, and place bets at fantasy football sites to collect real profits.


Qatar is a very wealthy nation and ranks fourth in the list of richest countries in the world. This rich country has invested more than $4 billion over ten years to host the World Cup championship and other global tournaments. With state of art stadiums. Advanced techs. Fastest metros. The 22nd edition of the World Cup trophy will not be like any previous version! However, Qatar has been a controversial choice because of the human rights groups call for providing humaneness working circumstances for workers and concerns about obstructing the freedom of fans.

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Last Updated: December 16, 2021