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The Crystal Palace FC, though founded in 1905, is said to be a continuation of the 1861 Crystal Palace football club. This professional football club, which competes in the highest level of English football, the Premier League, is based in Selhurst, South London, England. The club became one of the founding members of the football association in 1863 and is known worldwide for the heritage and legacy that it holds.

The History of the Club’s Crest

The club had its initials embroidered onto the shirt before the club crest was officially established in 1955. Crests weren’t a necessity until the 1940s since they weren’t used on kits; thus, the club formalized a crest relatively late. But in today’s world, a crest holds a far greater significance as it acts as a representation of the club in programs, merchandise, and other things.

The club’s kits were a combination of claret and blue during the 40s and to embody this on the badge, claret and blue shield were added in front of an image of the crystal palace; this badge was used for years till it was updated later. In 1955, a new logo was introduced which had a black-and-white image of the palace’s glass building and had ‘Crystal Palace F.C.’ written under it. This logo was omitted from the kits in 1964 and the team’s name was embroidered on them instead, even though the football club used this crest for about 17 years till 1972.

In 1972, the club decided to let its supporters choose the club crest and held a competition for the same. The supporters decided on a crest that was completely different from the previous two logos of the club. It comprised a red ring which had ‘Crystal Palace F.C.’ and the club’s nickname, ‘The Glaziers’ written on it; and it enclosed the stylized letters ‘CP’.

When a year later, Allison was appointed the manager of the club, he boarded on a journey to change the image of the club, and that eventually led to the changing of the crest. The club adopted the nickname ‘The Eagles’, taking inspiration from the Portuguese club ‘Benfica’; and the crest was changed to the image of a large eagle perched upon a football, to do justice to their nickname. The name of the club was placed decoratively on a ring around the eagle.

In the 1980s, the badge was being decided to be changed again by chairman Ron Noades, because he felt that the eagle on the previous badge looked more like a phoenix and the club would be represented fairly by a more aggressive-looking eagle. This logo was accepted in 1994 and wasn’t changed until recently in 2013.

The latest logo which was revealed in May 2013, was made as a dedication to the 1973 and 1955 crests. The towers, the glass building, the eagle, and everything else was retained in the crest, while a simpler logo was made of the eagle and the ball to be used on casual clothing and merchandise. Modern technology has helped logos and crests look more dignified and unique, and the crests which have represented Crystal Palace F.C. have added more glory to the club’s name.

Top Crystal Palace Partners Logos

Crystal Palace FC is honoured to have some of the biggest names in the list of its partners:


iPro is one of the leading suppliers of hydration drinks which is trusted by thousands of people. The products are packed with minerals, electrolytes, and vitamins with a sweet taste that comes from the stevia plant. The company’s logo looks very futuristic, in alignment with its advanced health initiatives, and has a very sophisticated design.


top is a free service that allows the residents of the UK and Northern Ireland to stop themselves from associating with all the gambling sites allowed to operate in Great Britain. The logo has a very simple yet very succinct design, which puts across the exact work it does; with the first half of the name ‘Gam’, in blue, and the next half, ‘Stop’ in black. The CasinoGap’s list of betting sites with no GamStop is available and we highly recommend checking it before choosing your gambling operator.


W88 is among the known names in the gaming business, and it offers a plethora of different games, slots along with sports betting. It is Crystal Palace FC’s official shirt partner. W88 as a brand represents trust, integrity, and excellence, which its logo embodies fairly with a golden W and the name written underneath it.


Puma is among the world’s most famous sports brands, with the experience of working in the field for more than seven decades. Puma’s logo features the silhouette of a lunging puma, which in a way promises the agility and strength of a puma in the company’s discourses. Puma is the official technical kit supplier to Crystal Palace FC.


Carlsberg is associated with football in numerous ways including its sponsorships and club partnerships. The Carlsberg logo has mostly retained the designer’s original style, has a crown on the top of it which represents the company’s ties with the Royal Danish Court, and consists of three major colours: green, white, and golden.


Crystal Palace FC has stood the test of time and has always brought glory to its name. This article celebrates the crests that have represented the football club through the years and have written history.

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By Football Tripper
Last Updated: December 16, 2021