Do Liverpool Need to Improve to Win the Premier League Again?

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By Football Tripper
Last Updated: September 27, 2020

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Liverpool won the 20 Premier League season in very convincing style, with a gap of 18 points back to second placed Manchester City. There was 15 points back to Manchester United in third, making that gap over 30 points.

They showed great dominance, especially at their Anfield home and will be a force to come for many years. Will the same again be enough to land back to back titles next season, or will they need to improve to win the Premier League again.

If you look at their squad, and look at the potential challengers to them, it seems they won’t need to improve if they want to win the league title again.

Lack of Credible Challengers

One of the biggest reasons for that is the lack of credible challengers to their crown. If anyone wins the Premier League title other than Liverpool or Manchester City next season, then it would be seen as a huge shock.

Ahead of the new season, those with betting accounts UK players can use will be more often than not backing one of the big two for success.
If Liverpool stood still, Manchester City would have to improve to get up to their standard, for the rest of the Premier League, it would take even more improvements. These simply cannot be done in the space of one off-season.

Teams such as Manchester United and Arsenal may look on paper as some of the best in the Premier League, but they would have to spend well over £200 million to even think about competing with Liverpool.

That is a lot to spend during any off-season, but with the uncertainty surrounding fans returning to games, there is even less chance of that happening this summer.

Liverpool can stand still and not even have to think about anyone other than Manchester City catching them.

The Liverpool Building Process

One key difference exists between Liverpool and Manchester City and their quests for dominance. This is all down to their building process. Manchester City have signed a team of stars, but one that doesn’t always click right, or doesn’t have the right players for the right positions and formations all of the time.

Liverpool have done the opposite, everything fits perfectly, the players all work off each other and this is a team that has been built piece by piece, rather than a squad of good players.

Final pieces such as goalkeeper Alisson joining the club and Virgil Van Dijk have given Liverpool their first Premier League title. With no big pieces needed, and no key players seemingly going to leave, the next stage is all about small changes to keep things fresh.

What Liverpool have built is a machine, and one that can dominate for many years, because of how they have been built. Over in the US, they call this a dynasty and Liverpool are seemingly right at the start when it comes to creating their dynasty.

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By Football Tripper
Last Updated: September 27, 2020