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Competing in Championships in their unmistakable vermillion jersey Luton Town FC amazes all football lovers. Achievement and financial stress equally mark this club and their continuous triumph among sports teams over adversities make the Hatters beloved across the globe. In the recent past, their home league attendance has been remarkable, Kenilworth Road associated as its home stadium, and their healthy rivalry with Watford remains.


Luton Town Football Club was born from the mingling of Excelsiors and Wanderers in 1885 in a Town Hall meeting. The ground selected to be the headquarters lay beside a railway track was called Dallow Lane Town Meadow. The prestigious HQ came with its own distractions- the fans were covered in clouds of smoke from trains when the winds were unwilling to favour the spectators.

In 1897 Luton Town disowned Town Meadow due to the unpleasant interruptions to settle down at Dunstable Round ground. 1904 saw an abysmal low marked with low attendance and poor form.
Pink and navy blue striped jerseys and caps were the first attire of Luton Town.

The caps were discarded first, and the hues changed swiftly after. First, a cochineal red shirt, followed by a sky blue one, and finally fitted with a belt and navy blue ‘V’. 1920 was marked by the team joining the third division of the league marked by the monochrome jersey. The iconic orange appeared in 1973 but was promptly retracted on public demand.

Latest News

Luton Town FC has an enviable record keeping. Their website has all relevant news and information tabulated and easy to access. Thus, it shall be unwise if we do not keep our readers in the loop. We bring to you the latest news of what the Hatters are up to which really highlights their concern is not limited to football but extends out of the realm of the game as well.

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Luton Town has paired with GamStop to fight compulsive gambling habits. They offer a secure and simple one-stop solution. As of April 2020, all British online operators must register (clause of getting a license) to bring the entire market under GamStop. Raising awareness via social media and match days Luton is dedicated to popularising responsible gambling.

Self-exclusion tools are in place wherein players can choose to abstain from gambling for a length of time. They come in 6 months, 1 year, and 5-year terms. This ban is irreversible ensuring its success. Participation has crossed 200000 and GamStop is aligning with gambling charities as well. Nevertheless, there are many other gambling providers which are not yet participating with GamStop, but they offer their own exclusions and support programs.

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Chief Executive of GamStop Fiona Palmer discussed the highlights of the partnership with Luton.

  • Increased reach to the public who shall benefit from GamStop’s self-exclusion exercise.
  • Educating the populace of responsible gambling and protection to customers
  • Making GamStop a trusted, secured, and independent service

Luton Town FC is not the only GamStop supporter as there are some other football clubs partnered with the British self-exclusion scheme.

Launch of New Shop

Medoc, the new e-commerce provider of Luton has unveiled the new club shop. Medoc’s stellar performance with football clubs of EFL has resulted in a website befitting the championship. With improved customer experience and advanced interface for smartphones, it has honed functionality extending to seasonal ticket holder discounts previously available offline. Future-proofing of records has been ensured by Medoc.

Customers and enthusiasts can access the stores simply by creating an account. They should remember it is imperative to use the same email id as that used for ticketing and iFollow accounts. Providing detailed information will allow customization. All orders shall be safely archived from previous websites, but the people would not be able to access them any longer from the new account.

Luton profusely apologizes for the issue of confirmed order emails getting into spam. People are advised to be vigilant of junk mail to avoid possible problems. There is no doubt the issue will be solved swiftly. In the same breath, Luton is immensely grateful to fans for buying off the official website as it is indispensable for the sustainable competitiveness and the future of the Club.


Bestowed in 1876 the Borough Council’s coat of arms inspired the emblem with the bee representing industry and the hive standing specifically for the straw plaiting one which became the fame of Luton made possible by the straw which in turn finds its humble place on the logo as the wheatsheaf.

The rose is a homage to the patron Robert Napier and the thistle of the country it originated in. The modern logo of Luton Town FC is in jerky contrast to its previous glorious emblem. The current shows “Lt” upon an orange football that has neither the style nor the sophistication of 1876 one.

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By Football Tripper
Last Updated: December 16, 2021