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The professional association football club, Middlesbrough FC, is located in Middlesbrough, New Yorkshire, England. Currently competing in the EFL Championship, the second tier of English Football, Middlesbrough was formed in 1876. The club played at Linthorpe Road from 1882 to 1903, moving to Ayresome Park in 1903, and played there for 92 years till 1995; and the club then shifted to Riverside Stadium, which has been their home ever since. The ground has a capacity of around 35 thousand.

Middlesbrough FC was one of the founding members of the Premier League in 1992 but was soon relegated. The club would have closed down had it not been for a consortium led by then board member Steve Gibson, who later on went to become the chairman of the club. The club brought home glory when it won the League Cup in 2004 and returned to the ground as runners-up in the 2006 UEFA Cup.

Middlesbrough Football Club has seen some of Britain’s best players playing for it, among its ranks, including names like Paul Gascoigne, Graeme Souness, and Bryan Robson. The clubs that Middlesbrough FC considers to be its rivals consist of Newcastle United, Leeds United, and Sunderland.

The club has had to go through many noteworthy changes, and the FC crests have changed over the years as images of the same. The club takes pride in its rich history and it is definitely an honour to get to know about the crests of this football club.

The Middlesbrough FC Crest History

The Middlesbrough crest has gone through four changes ever since the club was established in 1876. The club’s original kit on being selected to the Football League was a white shirt with blue shorts and they didn’t change this kit to their distinctive red and white kits until later that season. The badge used at this time was simply the town of Middlesbrough’s logo. The logo was later changed from blue to red when the club adopted the red and white colours, but the lion symbol remained the same.

Jack Charlton in 1973 introduced the characteristic broad white stripe across the chest as an attempt to make a shirt similar to the Leeds United shirt. When this change was made to the shirts, it demanded the crest be changed too. This led to a logo that had only the red lion in it with the letters M.F.C. written under it in red as well.

The reformation of the club took place in 1986 which called for a change of crest again and the previous logo was adapted to meet the newer requirements. A ring-like crest was made which enclosed the lion in it and had ‘Middlesbrough Football Club’ written along the circumference. The year of reformation, 1986, was also included in the logo along the diameter, to celebrate the same.

The broad white stripe was brought back to the kit for one-offs in the years 1997-98, in 2000-01, and in 2004-05 due to its popularity. The club eventually decided on letting the supporters choose whether they wanted the stripe or not in 2007, which resulted in the band being included in the official kit with a vote percentage of 77.4. The same year, the club crest underwent another change which brought to the world the Middlesbrough logo that is in use to date. The crest has the red lion inside a shield with the club’s name adorning the perimeters along with the year of establishment.

Top Middlesbrough Partners Logo

Middlesbrough has partnered with many big names throughout the years and is glad to have received such support. Talking about logos and not talking about the logos that represent these big companies is impossible.


GamStop is a free service available to all the residents of the UK and Northern Ireland to assist their attempt at excluding themselves from all gambling sites licensed in Great Britain. Despite the fact that NonStopCasino revealed betting not on GamStop sites, this logo is one of the most important among responsible gambling signs. The logo of this site is simplistic yet puts across the actual aim of the service. ‘Gam’ written in front of a blue background and ‘Stop’ written in front of a black one, makes the logo legible and classy.


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Heineken is a leader in the UK’s pub, cider and beer business. It is also one of the greatest football sponsors all over the world. Heineken’s logo consists of the name written in its distinctive green colour with a star on the head. The company believes that five-pointed stars have been used by brewers since the Middle Ages and they are indicative of the five major ingredients of beer: water, barley, hops, yeast, and ‘the magic of brewing’.


Hummel is a sportswear site that houses hundreds of options in the women’s, men’s, and kid’s sections. It is among the principal partners of Middlesbrough FC. Hummel’s logo is a bee since Hummel means ‘bumble bee’ in German. The logo is in black and white with the name written under the bee in a fashionable manner.


Middlesbrough FC has a rich history it is proud of and this article provides its supporters with the opportunity to delve deeper into the story and legacy that the club has upheld. The club crests have always held a position at the heart of its history and it is the moment to celebrate them.

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By Football Tripper
Last Updated: December 16, 2021