Potential Gareth Bale Landing Spots This Summer

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Last Updated: September 27, 2020

Gareth Bale’s time as a contributing player at Real Madrid is most definitely over. The Welshman has not been a part of the team for the second part of the 20 season and has made his feelings towards the club very clear.

Bale has no intention to take a pay cut at the Bernabeu and has no desire to move. He seems more than happy to sit around picking up hundreds of thousands of pounds per week for being in Spain. But should that happen, it would be a real waste of his talent, surely someone will come in and offer him a way out this summer?

Here are three potential landing spots for Bale.

Manchester United

Since leaving Tottenham for Madrid, Bale has been rumoured to be moving to Manchester United every summer. He is the type of dynamic attacking player that Manchester United need out wide, but will they succumb to paying the wages he demands?
The transfer fee is likely to be minimal, with Bale causing problems at Madrid, so that could help United afford his wages. There is talk of The Red Devils becoming a challenger to the top two in the Premier League, Liverpool and Manchester City, a signing like this would certainly help them achieve that.
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If there is one club that Bale would move to and take a pay cut then it could be Tottenham. They are the team that made Bale a household name, and would certainly be interested in his return, though it would have to be at the right price.

Tottenham are known for having a strict wage structure in place, and don’t spend huge amounts of money on transfers either. Jose Mourinho is currently in charge of Spurs, his influence at the club could make them consider Bale and if a deal can done be, this is certainly something that could unfold over the summer.


When Bale played his football at Tottenham, he enjoyed being the best player in their squad and the one attracting all the attention. He would certainly get that in the MLS, and it is also one place where he could get the same wage he is on now at Madrid.

The lifestyle of living and playing in America would also no doubt appeal to him, and it would be no surprise to see Bale end his career over in the states.

We have seen many big names make this move for one last pay day. Bale is a little early for that, but has connections over there with David Beckham, and could potentially see this as the best way to earn as much money as possible.

It would be disappointing to see such a talent head over to America early, but it is a move that seems possible when you consider what Bale wants from a move.

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By Football Tripper
Last Updated: September 27, 2020