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Last Updated: July 19, 2019

Aerial view of Kopetdag Stadium

Stadium Facts

Teams:Kopetdag Asgabat & Talyp Sporty
Address: Ashgabat

Köpetdag Stadium or Köpetdag stadiony is a multi-purpose sports arena which is predominantly used to host the home matches of local football side Köpetdag A?gabat. First opening in 1997, the stadium is capable of accommodating up to 26,503.

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Köpetdag Stadium first opened in 1997 after a construction period of around two years. Designed and built by International company Mensel JV, the municipally owned stadium is multi-purpose in order to be cost-effectively host as many different sports as possible.

Having said this, Köpetdag Stadium continues to be closely associated with the sport of football as it is most frequently used as the home F.C Köpetdag A?gabat.

As one of Turkmenistan’s most successful clubs, the 26,503 capacity stadium has welcomed many league winning sides, and crucial matches of F.C Köpetdag A?gabat.

In 2015 Köpetdag Stadium underwent a large-scale renovation project in order to modernise the unfortunately ageing facilities. Refurbished over a eight month period, the football ground now satisfies FIFA’s International Stadium regulations, and can now host matches of the Turkmenistan National Team.

The stadium reopened on 4th August with a Cup match between F.C Köpetdag and FC Merw. The home side christened their renovated ground with a comfortably 2-0 victory.

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Last Updated: July 19, 2019