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Exterior of Chongqing Olympic Sports Centre

Stadium Facts

Team:Chongqing Lifan
Address: Aoti 2nd Branch Road, Jiulongpo, Chongqing, 400051

The stadium within Chongqing Olympic Sports Centre first opened in 2004, and is currently home to Chongqing Lifan F.C who were promoted to the Chinese Super League after winning League One in 2014.

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Chongqing Olympic Sports Center was seemingly built to coincide with China hosting the 2004 AFC Asian Cup which the continents equivalent of the Africa Cup of Nations or Euro Championships. Constructed with a 58,680 capacity, Chongqing Stadium was one of four stadiums which hosted matches of the tournament.

Hosting seven matches in total including a quarter final between Jordan and eventual tournament winners Japan, the 2004 Asian cup was controversial amongst the Chinese to say the least. The final was held in Beijing’s Workers Stadium, and the home nation was defeated 3-1 by their arch rivals Japan which resulted in a minor riot at the north-gate after the match.

Like the majority of municipally funded stadiums, the local council wishes to maximise the usage of the expensive facilities and thus the stadium is designed as multi-purpose. Retaining an athletics track around the perimeter of the pitch, the ground is built to Olympic standards as the name Chongqing Olympic Sports Centre implies.

The resident side are Chongqing Lifan F.C, and they will compete in the 2015 season of the Chinese Super League after winning the China League One and gaining promotion. The club were only founded on 19th August 2000, and are currently owned by the Lifan Group.

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Last Updated: July 27, 2019