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Last Updated: September 24, 2020

inside lauta park stadium

Lokomotiv Stadium or Lauta Park as it is commonly referred to as is the home ground of PFC Lokomotiv Plovdiv. Capable of seating 11,800 supporters, it first opened in 1982 and forms part of a wider sporting complex.

Lokomotiv Plovdiv Stadium Guide

Stadium Facts

Team:Lokomotiv Plovdiv
Address: Plovdiv

Lokomotiv Stadium (Lauta Park) History

Lokomotiv Stadium first opened in 1982 with a capacity of 24,000 and is designed at the heart of a wider municipally owned sporting complex which serves the city of Plovdiv.

The record attendance to date appears to be have been set in the 1983 season when Chernomorets visited for a friendly at the start of the season. Officially the game was sold out, however unofficially it is estimated that 33,000 supporters were in attendance.  The stadium’s capacity has been reduced over the years as increasingly stringent safety legislation is introduced by UEFA.

When Lokomotiv Plovid became Champions of Bulgaria at the end of the 2003/2004 season, jubilant celebrations saw some of the northern stand collapse which reduced the capacity of the ground to 11,800.

There are currently plans to expand the stadium by rebuilding the northern-stand and other sections of the ground. Work began on 29th March 2013 and is set to be complete at an indeterminate date in the future.

Lokomotiv Stadium (Lauta Park) Seating Plan

Below is a seating plan of Lokomotiv Plovdiv's Lokomotiv Stadium (Lauta Park):

PFC Lokomotiv Plovdiv supporters inside the stadium

Stand Photos

Lokomotiv Stadium is comprised of four stands: North, East, South and West.

Click the thumbnails above to enlarge an image of each stand and to read a more detailed description of each part of the Stadium.

How to get to Lokomotiv Stadium (Lauta Park)

Where is Lokomotiv Stadium (Lauta Park)?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who plays at Lokomotiv Stadium (Lauta Park)?

Bulgarian side Lokomotiv Plovdiv play their home matches at Lokomotiv Stadium (Lauta Park).

What is the capacity of Lokomotiv Stadium (Lauta Park)?

As of 2024 Lokomotiv Stadium (Lauta Park) has an official seating capacity of 11,800 for Football matches.

When was Lokomotiv Stadium (Lauta Park) opened?

Lokomotiv Stadium (Lauta Park) officially opened in 1982 and is home to Lokomotiv Plovdiv

Are there any Covid restrictions at the stadium?

Covid Restrictions may be in place when you visit Lokomotiv Stadium (Lauta Park) in 2024. Please visit the official website of Lokomotiv Plovdiv for full information on changes due to the Coronavirus.

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