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Last Updated: July 21, 2019

Woodlands Stadium's main stand

Stadium Facts

Team:Warriors FC
Address: 1 Woodlands Street, Woodlands, 738597

Woodlands Stadium has been the home ground of S League team Woodlands Wellington F.C since first opening in 1989. Capable of seating 4,300 supporters on matchday, the ground is also used as a training pitch by Wellington and as a venue for other local teams.

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Woodlands Stadium first opened in August 1989 with a capacity of just 1,600. It sits at the heart of the Woodlands Sports Complex which spans over 8 hectares and includes facilities such as a Swimming Pool and Gymnasium.

Built just in time for the start of the new Football Season, Woodlands immediately became home to Wellington F.C although strictly speaking its multi-purpose by design.

Featuring an athletics track around the perimeter of the pitch, it’s usage as a football ground increased greatly in 1996 after the formation of the S. League.

In the proceeding years Woodlands Stadium was expanded with semi-permanent stands increasing the capacity to today’s size of 4,300. This was achieved by the addition of two 1,300 capacity goal-end stands and a temporary grandstand where the away fans sit.

Like all municipally owned stadiums in Singapore, certain elements are required to be publicly accessible when not in use by professional sports teams. In the case of Woodlands, the athletics track is free to use for local joggers each day between 4.30 am to 8.30 pm.

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Last Updated: July 21, 2019