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Last Updated: July 21, 2019

Inside an empty Jalan Besar Stadium

Stadium Facts

Team:Young Lions FC
Address: Kallang

Jalan Besar Stadium is a 8,000 capacity stadium which is the focal point of the Jalan Besar Sports and Recreation Complex. It is currently home to both the Lions XII Football Team and it’s offshoot, Young Lions F.C who compete within the S. League.

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The first iteration of Jalan Besar Stadium dates as far back as 1929 when the original ground opened on Boxing Day, marking the birth and birthplace of football in Singapore. The site on which today’s stadium sits contains incalculable history relating to both the country and the sport of football.

During the Second World War when Singapore became occupied by Japan, Jalan Besar Stadium was turned into a language centre in order to teach the local population Japanese. After the war the stadium hosted symbolical events such as Armed Forces Day in 1969, and the National Day Parade in 1984.

By the turn of the millennium Stadion Jalan Besar was becoming outdated, and it was subsequently closed in December 1999 for complete renovation. Taking four years in total, the ground was demolished and rebuilt from scratch, reopening with a capacity of 6,000 in June 2003.

More recently the stadium was expanded with the addition of the King George’s temporary stand which was erected in 2012. Increasing the capacity to 8,000, the expansion was complemented by the installation of two a new state of the scoreboard at either end of the pitch.

Equipped with an FIFA approved artificial playing surface numerous European teams have played friendlies at Jalan Besar. Burnley FC took on a Singapore Select side in the Summer of 2010, and more recently Atletico Madrid did the same in 2013.

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Last Updated: July 21, 2019