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Last Updated: September 25, 2020

Grand Hamad Stadium at night

Stadium Overview

Team: Al Arabi SC

Address: Al-Muntazah Street, Doha, New Slata

Capacity: 13,000

Opened: 0

Grand Hamad Stadium or Al-Arabi Sports Club Stadium is a 13,000 capacity sports arena located within Qatar’s capital of Doha. Multi-purpose by design, the stadium rose to prominence during the 2006 Asian Games after hosting a multitude of sports.

Stadium Guide


Used during the 2006 Asian Games as one of twenty venues, Grand Hamad Stadium hosted its fair share of sports during the competition which featured 9,520 athletes, 45 different countries and 424 different events across 39 sports.

Rectangular in shape, Grand Hamad Stadium excelled when it came to hosting football matches of this tournament as well as Rugby Sevens, however it also displayed its diversity by accommodating rounds of table tennis and various fencing bouts.

Predominantly used to host the football matches of Al-Arabi SC who compete within the Qatar Stars League, the ground has subsequently come to be known as Al-Arabi Sports Club Stadium.

During the qualification rounds of the 2014 World Cup, Grand Hamad Stadium was used by the Iraq National Team after their national stadium in Basra Sports City underwent construction.

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Last Updated: September 25, 2020