Komotini Municipal Stadium

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Th pitch at Komotini Municipal Stadium

Stadium Overview

Team: Panthrakikos

Address: Prigkiponnisou, Komotini, 691 00

Capacity: 6,198

Opened: 1923

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Panthrakikos F.C.

Komotini Municipal Stadium is a venue located within the sports complex known as Municipal Athletic Centre of Komotini . Located in the north-eastern city of Komotini, the 6,198 capacity stadium is chiefly used for the home matches of local football team, Panthrakikos F.C.

Stadium Guide


Although Panthrakikos FC first formed in 1963 and have spent their entire history at Komotini Municipal Stadium, the ground’s usage for sport actually dates back 40 years ago to 1923 when it was used for sports by the Greek Army after the liberation of Western Thrace.

The first “proper” stadium came into existence in the 1950s when a main stand was erected along the northern side length of the pitch thus determining the direction of the pitch. It was joined 20 years later by an opposite stand on the southern side, and reached a capacity of 3,000 by mid-millennium.

When Panthrakikos FC gained promotion to the Greek Second Division in 2006 the club suddenly had the impetus to upgrade the facilities at Komotini Stadium into the modern era. The first section of the stadium to be refurbished was the northern stand which received a cantilevered roof, executive facilities and comfortable plastic seating.

Coinciding with a period of success on the pitch which saw lowly Panthrakikos ascend to the Greek Superleague, the stadium was expanded with the construction of a West stand in 2008 and an East stand the following year in 2009. It is widely expected that the club will replace the south stand thus completing the modern stadium in the coming years.

Of the modern era the record attendance is set at 5,355. This was achieved on 13th September 2009 in a match between the home side Panthrakikos FC and Panathinaikos FC who would go on to be crowned Champions of the Greek Super League for the 20th time that season.

Seating Plan

Below is a seating plan of Panthrakikos's Komotini Municipal Stadium:

Komotini Municipal Stadium Seating Plan


Komotini Municipal Stadium is comprised of four stands: North, East, South and West.





Click the thumbnails above to enlarge an image of each stand and to read a more detailed description of each part of the stadium.

The Matchday Experience

Away fans

Away fans are housed within the north stand (???? 7) which runs for the length of the pitch and is used to host VIPS and guests of the club. Fully covered, visiting supporters are often allocated seats within section A1 which is essentially the north-west corner.

Best Pubs

Club Shop

We can’t find any evidence of a permanent club shop at the stadium and there doesn’t appear to be one online either. There is an office located on 28 Herodotus (building b) which sells tickets so you may be able to purchase some merchandise.


The traditional green and white colours of Panthrakikos F.C who are known as the Crocodiles.

Stadium Tours

We really doubt that there are any publicly available tours of the facilities at Komotini Municipal Stadium but are happy to be proved wrong!

Ticket Information

Tickets to see Panthrakikos F.C can be purchased in three ways: from the official website, from the club’s offices located at 28 Herodotus – Building B during the working week, and from the ticket booths at the ground which open on matchday before kick-off.

Expect to pay around €12.00 for a seat behind the goal and €18.00 for a seat in the main stand.

Matchday Travel

Komotini Stadium is located approximately 1.5 miles south of the city’s historical centre, however from the down town area around Orfeos Road it’s even less of a distance.

Scary entrance Komotini Stadium

Thanks to the compact nature of Rhodope Region’s Capital you can walk to the stadium in less than 20 minutes from most places in the city.


The stadium’s address for satnav is as follows:

  • Prigkiponnisou, Komotini 691 00, Greece

Car Parks

There doesn’t appear t be any car park located directly at Stadio Komotini due to the dense neighbourhood setting.


Sidirodromikos Stathmos Komotinis railway station is located south of the city only 750 metres from Dimotiko Stadio Komotinis meaning yu can walk to it in well under 10 minutes.

Komotini Stadium

A more conventional entrance to Komotini Stadium.

Airports and Flying

The closest major airport to Komotini is Alexandroupolis International Airport which is an estimated 66 km south-west of the city overlooking the Thracian Sea.


The closest hotel to Komotini Municipal Stadium is the Rodopi Hotel which is located just past the railway station five minutes west of the ground. Back towards the city centre there are a few more well priced places to stay including the Olympos, Orpheus and Dimokritos hotels.

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Last Updated: July 28, 2019