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Last Updated: July 18, 2021

Inside Zosimades Stadium

The National Stadium of Ioannina more often referred to as Zosimades Stadium is a multi-purpose sports arena located in the Greek inland city of Ioannina. Used the majority of the time for football matches of local side PAS Giannina F.C, the ground has a current capacity of 7,534.

PAS Giannina Stadium Guide

Stadium Facts

Team:PAS Giannina
Address: Ioannina

Zosimades Stadium History

Sometimes referred to as the National Stadium of Ioannina, the more common name is derived from two brothers in the 18th century who were wealthy benefactors of the city and often generously donated towards municipal building projects.

Despite first opening in 1952 it wouldn’t be until 14 years later in 1966 that Zosimades Stadium would become the permanent home of a football team when PAS Giannina formed on the 2nd August that year, and subsequently moved in to the vacant ground.

Consisting of a single main stand and three smaller sections of seating which mirror the shape of the athletics track, Zosimades Stadium is hardly the most developed of football grounds in Greece.

In September 2000 the ground’s image was revamped when modern plastic seating which reflected the club’s blue and white colours was installed in the main stand. State of the art floodlights were also installed after PAS Giannina earned promoted to The Greek Superleague which was then known as “Alpha Ethniki”.

The record attendance at Zosimades Stadium was recorded during a match between PAS Giannina and Olympiacos in 1975. A reported 14,557 supporters crammed into the stadium, and the record has certainly proven to be formidable over the years and with terracing falling out of fashion it’s very improbable that the record will ever be beaten.

Enrance to zosimades Stadium

View of Zosimades Stadium

Matchday Experience

Zosimades Stadium Away Section

It appears as if the away fans inhabit one of the small goal-end stands however as they look very similar it’s impossible to tell which one!

PAS Giannina Club Shop

Unfortunately we can’t find any information which either confirms or denies the existence of a permanent fan shop at the stadium. Your best bet would be to simply buy a souvenir whilst you’re attending a match.


Can you take a stadium Tour?

Neither the stadium’s owners (the General Secretariat of Sports), or PAS Giannina F.C offer tours of Zosimades Stadium.

How to buy PAS Giannina Tickets

Tickets to see PAS Giannina play at home can be purchased in three main ways: online from the official website (match by match basis), in person from the club shop during the week, and from the ticket booths around the ground on matchdays.

As a small club prices are generally very affordable with a seat behind the goal around €8.00 and a seat in the main stand no more than €14.00.

How to get to Zosimades Stadium

Where is Zosimades Stadium?

Zosimades Stadium is located less than 800 metres from the middle of Ioannina – or at least where Google Maps defines as the centre.


The stadium’s address for satnav is as follows:

  • Ioannina 453 33, Greece

Car Parks

You won’t be able to park at “Ethniko Stadio Ioanninon Zosimades” because there simply aren’t any car parks there or indeed spare room to build one.

Train - Public Transport

The city of Ioannina isn’t blessed with its own train station as the wider Epirus region lacks extensive rail infrastructure.

Exterior of Zosimades Stadium

Public Transport of Zosimades Stadium

Airports and Flying

Ioannina National Airport sits 4.5 km north of the city centre just outside the small village of Exochi. Whilst you won’t find any International flights here you will find domestic services by Olympic Air and Aegean Airlines to and from cities such as Athens.

Hotels Near Zosimades Stadium

The two closest places to stay to Stadio Zosimades are Alexios Hotel and Hotel Palladion which are both within a five minute walking distance and mid-priced with 3 stars.

If you’re looking for something more scenic and overlooking Lake Pamvotida there is the likes of Hotel Kastro, Archontariki Boutique Hotel and the luxurious Hotel and Congress Ctr Du Lac which is 5 stars yet still not exactly extortionate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who plays at Zosimades Stadium?

Greek side PAS Giannina play their home matches at Zosimades Stadium.

What is the capacity of Zosimades Stadium?

As of 2024 Zosimades Stadium has an official seating capacity of 7,534 for Football matches.

When was Zosimades Stadium opened?

Zosimades Stadium officially opened in 1952 and is home to PAS Giannina

Are there any Covid restrictions at the stadium?

Covid Restrictions may be in place when you visit Zosimades Stadium in 2024. Please visit the official website of PAS Giannina for full information on changes due to the Coronavirus.

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