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Estadio Libertadores Des Americas corner stand

Stadium Facts

Address: Avellaneda, Buenos Aires

Estadio Libertadores de América is a football stadium located in the coastal city of Avellaneda in Argentina’s largest province, Buenos Aires. Home to local side Club Atlético Independiente, the 52,853 capacity stadium is one of the largest in the Argentina Primera Division.

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Today’s Estadio Libertadores de América first opened on 28th October 2009 in time for the 2009/2010 season ,with the inaugural first division match held against Club Atlético Colón. Described by many journalists as a “European Style Stadium”, Atlético Independiente’s stadium was constructed over a period of two years on the same site as the former stadium which first opened in 1928.

Known informally as Estadio La Doble Visera de Cemento, after the two prominent overhanging roofs, the 20th century ground was completely demolished in December 2006 to make way for the new, modern day footballing arena. “The Double Visor” stadium was the first to be constructed from cement in South America, and despite the numerous historical accolades, was sadly no longer fit for purpose.

Located within the port city of Avellaneda, within the wider province of Buenos Aires, the stadium has traditionally been known as Estadio de Independiente, after the football club and it wasn’t until 2005 that the formal name was changed to Estadio Libertadores de América. The current capacity is believed to be 52,853 although some reports suggest that there is only  an estimated 46,000 seats inside the ground.

Constructed with four separate stands adjoined by four corner columns, known as “‘Gargantas del Diablo”, similar to Genoa’s Marassi stadium, Libertadores de América was said to have been inspired by the old English Stadiums such as Goodison Park. Funding for the new stadium largely came from the sale of youth talent, with the sale of Sergio Aguero to Atletico Madrid for € 28 million being the largest contributing factor.

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Last Updated: August 24, 2019