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Last Updated: September 25, 2020

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Estadio Nuevo Colombino is a multi-functional football stadium located in the southwestern city of Spain. First opened in 2001 at a reported cost of €14 million euros, the 21,670 capacity ground is home to local team Recreativo de Huelva.

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Stadium Facts

Address: Juelva

Estadio Nuevo Colombino History

Estadio Nuevo Colombino was constructed in 2001 to replace Recreativo de Huelva’s former ground Estadio Colombino. Whilst the two stadiums share the same name, they were both built in two entirely different locations, although the new one is clearly the spiritual successor to the old one.

Constructed at a cost of €14 million euros, the new stadium was designed by local architect Joaquín Aramburu to be the centrepiece of a revitalised waterfront area known as Barriada de Pescadería or “Neighbourhood of fish” in English. Designed to seat 21,670 spectators, the former 1957 built ground was demolished with a capacity of just 13,000, and was unfortunately beginning to show its age.

The new stadium was inaugurated with no less than two friendly matches, in preparation for the first competitive fixture which was scheduled for the 6th January 2002.

The first game took place on 8th November between Recreativo Huelva and English visitors Newcastle United (3-0), and the second was contested a few days later between the Spanish National Team and Mexico a few days later. This fixture attracted a sell-out crowd of 21,000 and to this day still holds the record for attendance.

As Recreativo de Huelva have yet to qualify for European football since relocating to the new Colombino, the highest level of football played at the stadium has clearly been the International friendlies. Estadio Nuevo Colombino has hosted preseason friendly matches featuring Lyon, Besiktas, and FC Porto as part of the 2009 Peace Cup.

Stand Photos

Estadio Nuevo Colombino is comprised of four stands: North, East, South and West.

Click the thumbnails above to enlarge an image of each stand and to read a more detailed description of each part of the Stadium.

How to get to Estadio Nuevo Colombino

Where is Estadio Nuevo Colombino?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who plays at Estadio Nuevo Colombino?

Spanish side Recreativo play their home matches at Estadio Nuevo Colombino.

What is the capacity of Estadio Nuevo Colombino?

As of 2024 Estadio Nuevo Colombino has an official seating capacity of 21,670 for Football matches.

When was Estadio Nuevo Colombino opened?

Estadio Nuevo Colombino officially opened in 2001 and is home to Recreativo

Are there any Covid restrictions at the stadium?

Covid Restrictions may be in place when you visit Estadio Nuevo Colombino in 2024. Please visit the official website of Recreativo for full information on changes due to the Coronavirus.

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