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Inside Volkswagen Arena

Stadium Overview

Team: Wolfsburg

Address: In den Allerwiesen 1, Wolfsburg, 38446

Capacity: 30,000

Opened: 2002

The Volkswagen Arena is the home stadium of 2008-2009 Bundesliga champions Wolfsburg. The new 30,000 capacity ground was completed in the second half of the 2002-2003 season, and has also been used for concerts for world famous artists such as Anastacia and Elton John.

Stadium Guide


The 30,000 capacity Volkswagen Arena was built between May 2001 and December 2002 in order to replace Wolfsburg’s outdated VFL-Stadion am Elsterweg which dates back to to 1947. Although the post-war VFL-Stadion was initially closed in 2002 when the new stadium opened, it has since been used by Wolfsburg’s reserve and women’s team.

The long overdue arena cost approximately €53 million to build and is named after the Volkswagen car company who run the club as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. Similar to PSV Eindhoven and Bayer Leverkusen, VFL Wolfsburg grew out of a sports club set up for workers of the company based in the local city, and the two have become intertwined ever since.

The seating arrangement is very flexible and it permits a crowd of 30,000 for matches in the Bundesliga but for matches in the UEFA Cup and Champions League where standing is not permitted, 8,000 of the terraced places become 4,000 seats which brings the capacity down to around 26,000.

The practical solution, in addition to the 2,500 capacity Wölfi curve for family and children’s block underlines the kind of forward thinking approach Germany clubs are famous for.

Lastly, the Volkswagen Arena became an International venue after hosting a match between Germany and Canada on 1st June 2003 (4-1). Before the 2006 World Cup the ground also hosted a friendly between Poland and Croatia although Wolfsburg’s stadium was sadly not used for the tournament.

Seating Plan

Below is a seating plan of Wolfsburg's Volkswagen Arena:

Volkswagen Arena Seating Plan


Wolfsburger’s ground can be thought of as four distinct parts: Nordkurve, Castrol Tribune (East), Wolfi-Kurve (South) and Haupptribune (West).





Click the thumbnails above to enlarge an image of each stand and to read a more detailed description of each part of the stadium.

The Matchday Experience

Away fans

Visiting supporters to the Volkswagen Arena are housed within the south-east corner. Fenced off from the adjacent home supporters on either side, the away section (Gästebereich) spans the two-tiers with the lower section predominantly consisting of terrace places as the rail seats are tucked in by default.

Wolfsburg’s stadium certainly has a unique design which to us is reminiscent of a graduation cap, as the cylindrical structure is topped by a rectangle roof which protrudes beyond the glass exterior.

In the age of identikit modern stadiums the exterior of the ground should be praised and the green surrounding environs not only reinforce the club’s colours but add a certain pastoral charm to proceedings with the nearby body of water Allersee and Canal contributing to this.

Best Pubs

Located in a picturesque setting next to two bodies of water, the majority of fans enjoy pre-match pints outside the stadium overlooking the Allersee.

Although there aren’t any pubs along the banks of the Mittelland Canal there are plenty of sports bar located in Wolfsburg’s city centre which is in walking distance from the stadium.


The city of Wolfsburg is pretty small with a fair few restaurants en route to the ground such as McDonald’s on the south bank of the canal and several Italian restaurants towards the west of the stadium  near to the old VFL Stadion including Joey’s Pizza Wolfsburg Ost, La Grotta and Azzuri Ristorante.

Club Shop

Wolfsburg VFL operate two fan shops in addition to their Official Online Store. One of the stores is located within the City Galerie Shopping Centre which is approximately 2 km south-west of the stadium, and the other is located at the ground itself.


Great club with a proud history, but Wolfsburg fans have a notorious record when it comes to Animal Rights.

Stadium Tours

Wolfsburg offer fans and tourists the chance to take a look at things behind the scenes of the Volkswagen Arena via a 90 minute tour of the popular football stadium.

Tours run Tuesday to Friday and depart at 2.00 pm sharp with the meeting point being the fan shop outside the stadium, with no prior registration required.

Price wise it is €7.00 for adults (Over 16s), €5.00 for Children and Concessions with kids under five receiving free entry. Concessions include students, pensions and the disabled.

Matchday Travel

The Volkswagen Arena is located a just under 3km from the main city centre and is situated in the industrial part of town nearby to the Autostadt theme park and the main manufacturing base of the automobile company.

Volkswagen Arena corner.

A look at Volkswagen Arena from the corner. Located approximately 3km away from the city centre it will take you around 30 minutes by foot.


The stadium is probably best accessed from the A39 stretch of motorway which is connected to the stadium either by L321 (exit 3 Wolfsburg-West) or the B188 stretch of road from Weyhausen junction.

The address for satnav is as follows:

  • In den Allerwiesen 1, 38446 Wolfsburg

 Car Parks

There’s lots of on-site parking available at the stadium for just a few euros per match.


The main train station of Wolfsburg (Hauptbahnhof)  is located centrally in the city approximately 20 minutes from the Volkswagen Stadium.

It sits on the Hannover-Berlin high speed line so it’s well connected to not only the capital city but the rest of the country.

Volkswagen Arena Car Park.

Volkswagen Arena as seen from the nearby Car Park. Located out of town rest assured there are plenty of spaces available.

Airports and Flying

The closest airport is technically Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport located in Braunschweig- Waggum but unfortunately it is reserved for private aviation only.

This means Hannover-Langenhagen is the closest commercial airport. It is the largest airport of Lower Saxony and 9th in Germany in terms of passengers served, situated 95km West of Wolfsburg.


The closest hotel is probably the Ritz-Carlton Wolfsburg but at over £200 a night it is probably out of most of our price range!

A more sensible option is the small Alter Wolf which can be found north of Schloßpark away from the city, or any of the numerous options south of Wolfsburg train station such as Hotel Goya Wolfsburg and Hotel Global inn.

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Last Updated: September 24, 2020